thursday 17/09/2015

I think I'll comment on here so mine isn't the newest one. Gl smiley

Btw: I can do that exchange 20 times

sorry for the triple post... smiley

wednesday 16/09/2015

Lot9 and lot11 trade smiley

Send smiley
more more smiley

My vickie cr full + 7k vs your 0 xp i accepte smiley

tuesday 15/09/2015

I've put the tag, tag is important smiley
[Trade] = clintz or card
[Sell] = Only clintz

Still looking.

interested in:

Vickie CR Full
Alec CR full

Still available:
1x Jackie Cr full exp -> 225k/each
26x Dregn 0exp -> 50k/each

Or I will sell for 23k

monday 14/09/2015

15x Jackie Cr full exp ->230k/each
11x Robb Cr 0exp -> 125k/each
10x Rhed Cr 0exp -> 22k/each

A) 50x Heitachi 0exp -> 9.5k/each
B) 100x Gibson 0exp -> 4.5k/each
C) 50x Irene 0exp -> 1.8k/each
D) 200x Kawan (106full) -> 1.6k/each
E) 100x Rosa 0exp -> 5.5k/each
F) 100x Raskal 0exp -> 9.5k/each
G) 100x Clara 0exp -> 4.2k/each
H) 100x Lennox 0exp -> 5k/each
I) 100x Fifty 0exp -> 5k/each
L) 50x Linda 0exp -> 4k/each
M) 50x Leila 0exp -> 2k/each
N) 50x Dawn 0exp -> 7.5k/each
O) 50x Sigurd 0exp -> 3k/each
P) 50x Nina 0exp -> 2k/each
Q) 50x Graven 0exp -> 7k/each
R) 50x Buba 0exp -> 3.2k/each
S) 50x Yaman 0exp -> 3.5k/each
T) 100x Billy Bob divers exp -> 2.5k/each

Crs 0exp/full: Swidz Cr (180k) Dwain Cr (275k) A Award Cr (275k) Sukklface cr (280k) Nahi Cr (280k) Ombre Cr (335k) Manon Cr (950k)

For 15k/each , and if you need trade the price will be 15500/each smiley

Still looking for the following:
Stompah x 1
Rahanpah x 1
Windzy x 1
Arlene x 1
Yodd x 1

Possibly Rad x1, if he is for the right price. PM if interested! Thanks smiley

sunday 13/09/2015

I close, if you are interested more, send me a private message smiley

Selsya cr - 300k
miss twice cr - 350k
cassio cr - 115k

par VP smiley

Tengu fuuly leveled up for trade or 20000 clintz

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