saturday 15/08/2015

Still looking for the following:

Rekved x 1 0exp
Selma x1 0exp

Boris Cr x1 0exp
Akendram x1 0exp

Willing to buy them full exp or any other level if its a good price! PM me if interested! Thank you smiley

Down to 260 PM me with offers

friday 14/08/2015

Hello im looking to buy Dounia Cr for 200k Pm if u want or just send Private sale thanks you

Ok send me lyse and i will send you guru for 3.6m cash !

Hello I sell or exchange my 221 Mildred 13500 each, or sell the whole lot for 2 Marlysa Cr and rmarco cr

logo UR 2 messages

I also accept cards in return

thursday 13/08/2015

smiley Vendo cuenta de urban rivals con mas de 10CR y tambien cartas raras ademas tengo 30000clintz y 18 creditos al que le interese que me busque por whasstaap 603898321 o me llaman

If you want you can negotiate the price.

All ratanah gone, left:
4 Mina 0xp VS 1 Fischer 0xp (12 x)
17 Saltsberg 0xp VS 2 Fischer 0xp (13 x)
Armanda Cr full VS 100 Fischer 0xp (1 x)
17k/t cash / 17,5k/t for lots 25+

nobody for the other cards? i have also other NB cards, contacte me if you're looking for other cards. i close tonight smiley

i'm looking for some of geoffrey and byron 0exp,maximum 20 copies everyone
I offer:
Thanks to allsmileysmiley

wednesday 12/08/2015

Ill buy him for 55k

Price is negotiable...

like in the title i want to buy your lennox 0exp for 4k/each, direcrly in my ps smiley

I just need 9 of them smiley

Miss Nova for Oakley
Ottavia for Gastroboy, Ramar, Xia Leming o Leila
Van Heckton for Malia
La Salerosa for Josh o Milovan,
Dr Alma for Psylo
Mulligan for L Lace01 o Rick
Ashley for Xia Leming, Mandrak,
Sue for Leila, Xia Leming, Bubbles,

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