thursday 13/08/2015

smiley Vendo cuenta de urban rivals con mas de 10CR y tambien cartas raras ademas tengo 30000clintz y 18 creditos al que le interese que me busque por whasstaap 603898321 o me llaman

If you want you can negotiate the price.

All ratanah gone, left:
4 Mina 0xp VS 1 Fischer 0xp (12 x)
17 Saltsberg 0xp VS 2 Fischer 0xp (13 x)
Armanda Cr full VS 100 Fischer 0xp (1 x)
17k/t cash / 17,5k/t for lots 25+

nobody for the other cards? i have also other NB cards, contacte me if you're looking for other cards. i close tonight smiley

i'm looking for some of geoffrey and byron 0exp,maximum 20 copies everyone
I offer:
Thanks to allsmileysmiley

wednesday 12/08/2015

Ill buy him for 55k

Price is negotiable...

like in the title i want to buy your lennox 0exp for 4k/each, direcrly in my ps smiley

I just need 9 of them smiley

Miss Nova for Oakley
Ottavia for Gastroboy, Ramar, Xia Leming o Leila
Van Heckton for Malia
La Salerosa for Josh o Milovan,
Dr Alma for Psylo
Mulligan for L Lace01 o Rick
Ashley for Xia Leming, Mandrak,
Sue for Leila, Xia Leming, Bubbles,

100 copies for 700K.

pm me if interested.


tuesday 11/08/2015

Correction: 76x Nanook

Pour 5250K (5.25M).

mp moi

I buy your Lyse Teria Cr full for 5.2M clintz .

Pm me

Send me mechakolos 42k/e smiley

Je vend:

8x Lenora 0xp = 330K

8x Toro 0xp = 150K

7x Leviatonn 0xp = 160K

3x Mechakolos 0xp = 129K

7x Koshiro 0xp = 84K

3x Rex Sweig 0xp= 184.5K

2x IronJaw 0xp = 76K

6x Fischer 0xp = 81K

5x Lin Xia 0xp = 70K

2x Noctezuma 0xp = 118K

Total: 1382.5K (1.38M clintz)

mp moi smiley

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the

Missing some cards from my collection I want so I can make some decks
I only need one copy of each card, and I do not care about the level of the card.

here is the list of what I can offer for em:
along with everything in my current sales I have,
140x Lindsey 0xp 8.9k/e
38x Arno 0xp 35k/e
15x Brody 0xp 9.8k/e
23x Curlix 0xp 15k/e
50x Jean 0xp 6.5k/e
26x Jordygn 0xp 7k/e

I am looking for these cards to fill my collection **remember only need one of each card and don't care about xp**:
Crazy Carlo
Dr Copernica
Iron Jaw
Dj Korps
Rex Sweig
Due to the frequency the prices change on the market, im valuing the cards at current market value.

if you have any of the cards listed, wanna talk about prices, or just have a question please feel free to pm me.

pms work best as i dont check this post often.

thank you
smiley smiley smiley

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