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saturday 15/07/2017

Hi, I'm looking for some 0xp Pandora

I have some 0xp Leone to trade:
Here is the offer

2 Leone 0xp ( 60K)
1 Pandora 0xp ( 60K )

Dj found, sorry pedro smiley
I close smiley

friday 14/07/2017

Hello i would like to trade

1 General Cr 0xp (7.7m) vs 35 Maana Cercei 0xp (220k/e)


thursday 13/07/2017

Price update: buying @215k each thanks ^__smiley__^

I would like to trade my Xantax Robb Cr 0xp (725k) + 200k for your Alec Mt (925k)

PM me if you're interested

Hi, I would like to trade marshal for maana cercei, send directly to PS n also pls drop me a pm about it. Thanks! smiley

wednesday 12/07/2017

WTB LOTS pm me with cards and prices ty

I am only looking for players that sell big bulks of Victor Van Dort.

I can give a very reasonable price smiley

Contact me, I want to find your selling prices smiley

No thanks, market is cheaper than that at the moment

The New Recycle Prices:

- All cards are subjected to these prices that will be paid.
- Due to inflation, the prices may rise.


Tuco: 255 ctz
Guillotinette: 1,000 ctz
Gus Rope: 3,150 ctz
John O Clock: 4,050 ctz
Ennio: 8,000 ctz
Victor Van Dort: 16,000 ctz
Burton: 20,000 ctz
Poppy Mary: 50,000 Ctz

A new list will be updated every so often if the prices inflate. When prices have settled, a new list of recycled cards will be put up.

Buying 15x Maana Cercei 200k each 0 xp
Send to my private trade

tuesday 11/07/2017

Card changed, i proceed to close.

I am searching a trade kiki cr 0xp + x against my dj korr cr 0xp

pm me.

Hi everyone!

I buy all your Kolos Cr 0xp for 100.000 each, directly to my private sales.

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