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saturday 19/12/2015


500 0xp Magnar @ 4.2 each
115 Tasty Tast @ 3.3 each

Interested in bulk and CRs.

PM me for quicker responses!

thursday 17/12/2015

I need two, one does not want. 800k cr kerozinn Miss twice 400k cr

My post lasts up to 24 will then be closed and will continue to pick up copies and price of my lot: kawaii:

Sell me for 290k, if you can

You can pay me 7.77777m for it smiley

wednesday 16/12/2015

Hello I sell a lot of 500 Mildred that I evaluate each tot 10M 21k and 500k, the lot is not divisible

I try
big 5 (dj korr cr 8M and 400k, and 400k guru cr 8M, general cr 7M, 7M kiki cr)
cr playable as marlysa 1M and 500, Tessa 850k, 650k vickie etc.

proponetemi below and / or in private what I want to offer and there will I encounter if I care, I do not accept lots only a single copy on paper

Thanks for your attention

Edd is a pretty great card.

tuesday 15/12/2015

60k cash smiley

Bonjour je echange:

- marlysa cr 0xp 1,7M
- 25 dr copernica 0xp 1.75M (70k/T)

Le lot est unique
Par contre je recherche 50 rex sweig 0xp 70k/T mais je peut écouter des propositions

2350 clintz cash or 2400 clintz in cards (max 4 cards)

My offer :
30 kalindra cr 0xp
10 scopica 0xp

i am selling those cards:
El Divino, El Mercurio, La Salerosa, Noctezuma, Wonder Lama, Lumber Jack, Zoe, Vermyn N, Tasty Tast, Shogunn, Shann , Lucas, Lennox , Garrik, Fixit,Fifty , Duke, Chlora , bodenpower, B Bazouka
If you are interested just give me your price for the hole lot

monday 14/12/2015

Sell to A Award Cr for 4000k is more cheaper than in the market.

0 Xp I buy for 9000,

Ps me I will buy 5

sunday 13/12/2015

Im trying ro takeover a character in the market buy em all them sale HIGH PRICE WHO WANTS INN

Looking to buy a berserkgirl cr for 850k

100k Kenny Cr x 1
65k grax x 1
65k grax rb x 1
20k(140k) galactea x 7
24k(72k) xingshu x 3
36k(72k) Shann x 2
16k(80k) Fiddler x 5
12k(84k) lenora x 7
30k Permabarb x 1
19k(38k) Crazy Carlo x 2
22k Beeboy x 1
14k(28k)daddy jones x 2
9k dr norton cr x 1


Adding to fiddlers to speed this up, 902k value total, any takers?


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