saturday 09/05/2015

I sell 7 Raven 0xp at 42k/e

I do accept all kind of offers, if you are interested send me a PM or post about it here

I take all , send in ps smiley

Looking to trade Tanaereva CR for Dalhia CR, Smokey CR, and 50k. If interested, PM me or place in secure trade. Thank you!

friday 08/05/2015

My Lyse Teria Cr 0xp for your Full Lyse Teria Cr + Complement Clintz

Message me if you are interested


J'aimerais échanger 100 Qubik 0xp que j'estime à 14.5k/T

Je recherche:
Du cash
Don 0xp: 21k
Dorian 0xp: 20k
Kolos 0xp: 60k
Cr's jouables 0xp

Par VP.

Now i've only:

-74x Josephine 0exp -> 18.5k/each
-46x Magnolia 0exp -> 17k/each
-3x Splata Cr full exp -> 975k/each
- 15x dolly cr full exp -> 8.5k/each

I know, but market prize increased and now I've already done the exchange smiley

thursday 07/05/2015

Kerozinn cr sold

I trade:
- Lyse Teria Cr full exp -> 5.75m
- 100x Mina 0exp -> 5,5k/c
- 45x Grace 0exp -> 8.5k/c
- 40x Buddy 0exp -> 13.5/c
- 26x Jakson 0exp -> 9k/c

I'm looking for:
- Cash
- Noctezuma 0exp -> 95k/c [Max 1]
- Dregn 0exp -> 67k/c [Max 5]
- Ongh 0exp -> 65k/c [Max 9]
- Charlie 0exp -> 44k/c [Max 9]
- Kerry 0exp -> 40k/c [Max 10]
- Bloodh 0exp -> 20k/c [Max 25]
- Bodenpower 0exp -> 17k/c [Max 24]


Magnolia 0xp
Ahkab 0xp
Mandrak 0xp
Dregn 0xp

Busco cualquier carta La Junta con excepción de estas 8:


Still looking for these.
And since C Dusk's price had drop, now I use him to exchange your Jane Ramba Cr.

I will use around 75k cash for Emeth Cr.

I know it''s very cheap, just trying my luck smiley

And still, you can suggest any offer.

I buy your dounia for 200K smiley

OPA smiley

I am offering the following for blaaster cr and xp:
Solomon 0xp - 110k
84k clintz

Pm me and we can sort out a deal.

Thanks for your time

wednesday 06/05/2015

Because she seems to be really popular these days...

No I don't want your page cr.

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