friday 08/05/2015

thursday 07/05/2015

Kerozinn cr sold

I trade:
- Lyse Teria Cr full exp -> 5.75m
- 100x Mina 0exp -> 5,5k/c
- 45x Grace 0exp -> 8.5k/c
- 40x Buddy 0exp -> 13.5/c
- 26x Jakson 0exp -> 9k/c

I'm looking for:
- Cash
- Noctezuma 0exp -> 95k/c [Max 1]
- Dregn 0exp -> 67k/c [Max 5]
- Ongh 0exp -> 65k/c [Max 9]
- Charlie 0exp -> 44k/c [Max 9]
- Kerry 0exp -> 40k/c [Max 10]
- Bloodh 0exp -> 20k/c [Max 25]
- Bodenpower 0exp -> 17k/c [Max 24]


Magnolia 0xp
Ahkab 0xp
Mandrak 0xp
Dregn 0xp

Busco cualquier carta La Junta con excepción de estas 8:


Still looking for these.
And since C Dusk's price had drop, now I use him to exchange your Jane Ramba Cr.

I will use around 75k cash for Emeth Cr.

I know it''s very cheap, just trying my luck smiley

And still, you can suggest any offer.

I buy your dounia for 200K smiley

OPA smiley

I am offering the following for blaaster cr and xp:
Solomon 0xp - 110k
84k clintz

Pm me and we can sort out a deal.

Thanks for your time

wednesday 06/05/2015

Because she seems to be really popular these days...

No I don't want your page cr.

4 Lindsey for 60 karnor ved?

Hi all,

I sell my Vickie Cr full 625K exp

Seeking cash

thanks for your attention

How would you know, Levi?

Hi everyone I'm selling 37 chiara cr 0xp, 43k each
Or kerry 0xp + 4k for a chiara cr 0 xp
Pm me

tuesday 05/05/2015

You can do it yourself smiley

Complements guyssmiley

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