saturday 02/05/2015

I sell :

18 rekved 0xp 4700/each ( i can accept cards or i can sell her less then 4700)

10 grouchy 0xp 19500/each smiley

1. Gone smiley offer done . thanks to MR-Puma smileysmiley

Other's are still going

This isnt the topic to chat i close it.
thanks and read rules smiley

Its already traded and it was i close this
thank yousmiley

The title says it all. Card is currently on market for 41,777 C.
Private message if interested. If card is sold, thread will be closed.
Thanks smiley

friday 01/05/2015

I'm just trying to make a decent T2 deck for fun and I would like to have Kolos in it.

i want to sell my lot of 1000 ielena, evalued 16k/c

- 576 ielena are 0exp
- 424 ielena are full exp

by ps smiley


10 0xp Globumm smiley

I sell you, luck your private sales

thursday 30/04/2015

Hey mates!
I am looking for Rass Cr - Skullface Cr - Thaumaturge Cr [full] and small gift smiley
btw, I can echange Rass Cr 0xp for 2 cheaper crs cards

only pm!

wednesday 29/04/2015

Yes page cr full pillz round 1 smiley

Updated "to buy" list:

- Roots: Shakra, Brody, Jeena, Lilly, Amanie, Kiki and Rosen.
- Sentinel: ZRobbie, Coby, Melvin, Hawk, Havok, Jakson, Lehane, Sammy, John, Owen, Miss Chloe, Carmen, Kamakura and Harvey.

Updated "to trade" list:

- 18x La Bestia 0xp 18k/e
- 8x Raven 0xp 35k/e

Bonjour tout le monde,

J'achète tous vos K Cube 0xp pour le prix de 450/t smiley

Pour les gros lots (plus de 100) je pourrais monter jusqu'à... 451/t smiley

Merci smiley

Updated list:

Lot 1: 44 0xp Clover Noel (380)
Lot 2: 24 full xp El Ciquito (450 )
Lot 3: 13 full xp Nova (740)

Some cards:
Pandagran (1 0xp 9k)
7 Globumm (full xp 500)
2 La Cobra (1 full 10k 1 0xp 10.5k
2 Oxen (full xp 8k)
Rodney (full xp 1.5k)
All normal Frozn (No cr and no Eleanor and no Arlene)
All normal Sentinel (No cr and no Zrobbie)

Prices for Frozn will be discussed in PM

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