saturday 25/04/2015

450k or 200k + Jackie Cr full. PM me if you're intersted smiley

Tasty Tast, Sera M1 Gone. Add Ndololo Cr 0xp


+300 cards = 250/tete
+500 cards = 255/tete
+1000 cards = 260/tete
+3000 cards = 265/tete
+5000 cards = 270/tete
+10000 cards = 275/tete
+30000 cards = 280/tete
+50000 cards = 290/tete
+100000 cards = 300/tete

friday 24/04/2015

My Lamar Cr Full im looking for Alec Cr and others colectors.

Rass Cr sold.

Bonsoir, je voudrais aujourd'hui de proposer:

1) 10x Cortez 0xp 66k/t ---> 650k (si vous achetez Cash)
2) 25x La Bestia 0xp 18k/t ---> 440k (si vous achetez Cash)
3) 17x Sera M1 0xp 26k/t ---> 435k (si vous achetez Cash)
4) 13x Xingshu 0xp 32k/t --->410k (si vous achetez Cash)
5) 11x Raven 0xp 35k/t ---> 380k (si vous achetez Cash)
6) 32x Gork 0xp 3.6k/t ---> 110k (si vous achetez Cash)

Je recherche:
- Cash smiley
- 0xp (par Example Kolos 55k/, Dregn 70k/t, Pericles 74k/t, Noctezuma 97k/t, etc...)
- Crs 0xp (par Example Blaaster Cr 190k/t, Caelus Cr 200k/t, Kalindra Cr 200k/t)

smiley 1 Pericles 0xp cadeau pour ceux qui prennent au moins deux lots en Cash (sauf pour le lot 6) smiley

Liste non exhaustive, faites vos offres et je vais évaluer se il est approprié d'accepter, ma je ne recherche pas de Full Xp, Rb and OPA.

Les lots serait préférable de ne pas divisible, mais je vais évaluer en fonction de la proposition.

Premier arrivé premier servi smiley

You're making in excess of 50k profit

Ok, he's in your PV.
I think you have me on BL, I cant send you a message. But thank you very much! smiley

Also got 26 0xp Thorpah if anyone is interested smiley

Hi! I trade:

[200 Chikko Cr 27k/T - 5.4M ] (160 full) (10 semi evo 2*) (4 semi evo 1*) (24 0xp)

I accept:

Lyse Teria Cr 5.4M
Caelus Cr 200k
Kalindra Cr 200k
Blaaster Cr 200k
Robb Cr 100k

El Matador 0xp 18.5k/T
Noctezuma 0xp 95k/T
Don 0xp 21k/T
Mona 0xp 85k/T
Jessie 0xp 8.5k/T
Marina 0xp 30k/T
Lola 0xp 10k/T
Cortez 0xp 65k/T
Scopica 0xp 6.5k/T
ohng 0xp 65k/T
Grouchy 0xp 17k/T
Octana 0xp 22k/T
Pericles 0xp 75k/T
Lou 0xp 6.5k/T
Ratanah 0xp 30k/T
Shakra 0xp 45k/T
Vermyn N 0xp 45k/T
Hikiyousan 0xp 17k/T
Wee Lee 0xp 35k/T
Lehane 0xp 8k/T
Petra 0xp 9.5k/T
Uranus 0xp 27k/T
Kolos 0xp 55k/T


Why does it always do this to me smiley

Lewica doing that makes you a douche so please stop smiley

thursday 23/04/2015

Hello I am interested in buying Kalindra Cr I'd buy it for 170k we could negotiate the price. regards

I offer Geuner Cr + Diyo Cr + something that we will deal for Caelus Cr.


200 Wee Lee 0 xp for trade as well

Hey all, I trade my Kerozinn cr full xp for 2 tanaereva cr 0xp. Via PS

Thank you

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