tuesday 14/07/2015

2 Mahimatah 0xp 5.800
13 Dr Alma 0xp 25.870
3 Skyler 0xp 4.800
4 MC Leroy 0xp 5.000
Total 41.470

Is it a good offer for you?

Selling Dounia Cr for 185k. Message me if interested.

Begging is a no-no on the forums

Sended you a pm.

Prices per card? And how many farman?

What sale? I was actually "Lmao" at this page so I kept it open. Now I'll close it. Just for you donsami smiley

This trade is a good offer, I don't understand why are you so scared smiley

Still available!

monday 13/07/2015

I am interested in trading my Marco Cr (Full) for Dagg Cr an exp. I value them at basically the same price but can cash can cover any minor difference.

PM me

Hello! Im selling Arno (x4) 34k each full exp or 130k if you buy them all! PM me if interested! smiley

Thank you!

I'm ready when we you are

Gave my good cards to some rich guy in private sales.

I'm selling my crappy cards tomorrow on the market if you want some cheap and easy clintz...

I need Dounia Cr and Caelus Cr for 170k each one

sunday 12/07/2015

Salut !

Ma Guru cr (8,5m) full pour votre :

Cash smiley 25%-50%
Uchtul 0xp 11k/t (max 10)
Mikaal 0xp 4,2 k/t (max27)
Juicy Lord 0xp 10k/t (max 10)
Diego 0xp (x100) 340/t
GraksmxxT 0xp 61k/t (max 9)
Noctezuma 0xp 68k/t (max20)
Pericles 0xp 73k/t (max15)
Octana 0xp 24k/t (max 30)

Merci smiley

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