wednesday 08/07/2015

Like it says in the title...

I'll trade my Blaaster Cr full for your Dounia Cr full.
Can sweeten the deal, depending on market fluctuations.

Please send me a PM if you're interested and thanks! smiley

I sell 240 la bestia 0xp 16500/each , look market price he is 18k

you can bye 1,10,50,100,150 ...

Other 100smiley

Message me if you want,
5.2k each (I have 32 all 0xp)

tuesday 07/07/2015

Thank you zi0n-dzeiri

& i am now out of clintz

Selling my Lyse Teria C (I value it at 5,4M in cards/clintz or 5,2M in cash)

Looking for:

- Clintz
- Splata cr full 980K
- Manon cr full 920K
-Selsya cr full 300K
-Yayoi cr full 72K
-Other cr full


Hi, i pass looking for elo pyables now such as Numar...

Looking to buy 1 copy of Boris Cr for 15k! Any level/any exp!

PM me if interested! Thank you smiley

monday 06/07/2015

No it's ok smiley I should've made it more clear.

You might be able to sell El Kaktus to me for 950 clintz though when I'm drunk so keep an eye out. smiley

I am looking for one Tanaereva Cr any xp.
I have the following cards to trade, please message me with any potential offers.
i have one of each: Yayoi Cr Noctezuma El Divino Blaaster Cr Mona Cortez all available for trade, as well as a few other cards all worth around 20k. Please let me know if you can help me.....thank you!! smileysmiley


j'ai estime dj korr cr fullxp/0xp = 8.3m

j'ai propose

100 lucy 0xp - 4.2k/T = 420k
50 christelle 0xp -12k/T = 600k
34 noctezuma 0xp - 76k/T = 2.584m
12 yayoi cr full xp - 71k/T = 852k
13 yayoi cr 0xp - 80k/T = 1.04m
20 ruru 0xp - 30k/T = 600k
6x jackie cr 0xp 228k/T = 1.368m

total = 7.464.000

+ 836k cash

total = 8.300.000 cintz

par VP smiley

Bump! smiley

Im still waiting for a page cr smiley

I offer ironjaw and blaaster cr and Clintz to offer an fair deal thanks

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