monday 06/07/2015

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

sunday 05/07/2015

2.2m and deal donesmiley

Solomon 45k, Dregn 65k.
Add 20k and we can do trade smiley

32 Phoebe 0xp for 5.3k each
Also trading for Don

My Blaaster Cr full xp for your Kalindra Cr any xp.
I don't mind if cards or clintz are thrown around for any small differences in market value, but they are pretty close so that shouldn't be such a problem. PM me smiley smiley

I want to buy blaaster cr for 169k if anyone is willing to sell for this much put in my private sales please

I know it's under market price currently but if anyone is willing that would be great

saturday 04/07/2015

The lot can be divided

Blaaster Cr + Ruru for your Jackie Cr

For me is ok, i accept your offer

6 more to buy smiley

Hi to everybody i trade my lamar cr full+5k cash vs your lamar cr 0exp

i trade in private sale


Salve a tutti cerco 1 lamar cr 0exp da scambiare con il mio full+5000 clintz

se foste interessati mandatemi pure un pm

scambio in vendita privata


friday 03/07/2015

Selling my General Cr 0xp (I value it at 6,3M)

- Clintz
- Splata cr full (900K)
- Lyse teria cr full (5,5M)

Thanks smiley

Hello i buy your rahmzay 0xp 715/u

Hmm estimate 6x jackie cr 0xp, 32 noctezuma 0xp, and yayoi cr 0xp and yayoi cr full xp ?

Found Dj and General, so I close this thread

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