thursday 09/04/2015

3x robb cr for my ashley rb 0xp ???

37 Bloodh (13 0exp) evalued 22k/each
21 Ruru 0exp evalued 36.5k/each
9 Kerry full evalued 36k/each

Estimations of the cards:
- Uppers (Jackie Cr 225k, Lady 54k, Herman 6k, Dorian 19k, Hefty 13k);
- Junkz (Rowdy Cr 82k, D4 Funk 11k , Fuzz 6k, Qubik 12,5k, Romana 47k, Tremorh 7,5k, Gil 28k, Haze 20k);
- Bangers (Blaaster Cr 185k, Graff 3,5k, Pearl 9k , Zoe 18k, Duke 6k , Randal 5,5k, Doug Snop 3,5k);
- Sakrohm (GraksmxxT 63k , Uranus 28k);
- Montana (Angelo 10,5k , Edd Cr 44k , Desmond 3k , Mona 75k, Spiaghi 2,5k, Gianfranco 4k);
- Rescue (Slyde Cr 10,5k, Buckler 15k , Kerry 33k, Reeve 22k, Steve 16k);
- Sentinel (Earl 18k, Jakson 10,5k, Coby 35k , ZRobbie 20k, John 6,5k, Carmen 3k, Lehane 8k, Martha 2,5k , Melvin 28k, Harvey 3k, Havok 14k);
- All Stars (Crazy Carlo 19k , Marina 35k, Stacey 19k).

make offers by pm, ty smiley

Salut , je suis échange / vente 1x Berserkgirl Cr 0XP ( 830K de la valeur des échanges) .
Je recherche:
- clintz (800k);
- Uppers (Jackie Cr, Lady, Herman, Dorian, Hefty);
- Junkz (Rowdy Cr, D4 Funk, Fuzz, Qubik, Romana, Tremorh, Gil, Haze);
- Bangers (Blaaster Cr, Graff, Pearl, Zoe, Duke, Randal, Doug Snop);
- Sakrohm (GraksmxxT, Uranus);
- Montana (Angelo, Edd Cr, Desmond, Mona, Spiaghi, Gianfranco);
- Rescue (Slyde Cr, Buckler, Kerry, Reeve, Steve);
- Sentinel (Earl, Jakson, Coby, ZRobbie, John, Carmen, Lehane, Martha, Melvin, Harvey, Havok);
- All Stars (Crazy Carlo, Marina, Stacey).
merci smiley

faire des offres par PM smiley

Wanting 80,000 or Lady and Dorian please. smiley

9 noctezuma 0exp

Salut je echange 70 buddy 0xp contre 70 bengal 0xp .

Le tout par vp; dissociable !

wednesday 08/04/2015

Hi guys I want to trade my Manon Cr 0xp for Lamar full or 0xp i dont really care.

He buying

Could I interest you in 101 copies of Rekved and some Marjory to top it off? smiley all 0xp

Hey guys! I have an offer that will last one day. I am looking to trade my Beck - Nena (37k). The cards I'm looking for are:
Edd Cr (40k)
Raven (40k)
Shakra (39k)
Marina (38k)
Byron (37k)
El Divino (35.5k)
Wee Lee (35k)

I am open to other offers as well, but I can only do a 1-for-1 trade with no complement.

Vickie Cr is finally gone! smiley

tuesday 07/04/2015

Last 2 replies smiley

I literally haven't got any cards to swap for vickie excpt for bicker her self lol

Selling a Nanook Rb 0xp..only interested in cash..searching 2.1m

Still looking for this trade

I buy in Bulk Berghart 0xp or full at 400 Clintz per head.

Please pm me or put in my ps or write here. thanks.

Barbacoatl at 1600 per head in ps.

DJ korps at 27,000 per head in ps.

You've a pm smiley

I'm gonna buy it for 500k when i sell my Dj Korr CR ...

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