friday 22/05/2015

Salut, je suis un Lao CR complet Exp pour le commerce. Je vais ajouter 120k clintz pour un CR de Marlysa. Également ouvert à d'autres d'autres commerciaux PM moi

About 200k not enough for me

No sorry, the trade is Vickie Cr full xp 620000 clintz for 124 Mina 0 xp.

I am looking for 25 units of Wanda 0xp, I value them at 4k/e

I have got some Raven cards to trade with apart from cash (10 Wanda 0xp = 1 Raven 0xp).

Both sold

58 Charlie 0exp -> 50k/cad
25 Pericles 0exp -> 80k/cad
26 Cortez 0exp -> 72k/cad

Im trading my

Jackie cr
Veenyle cr
Heegrn Cr
Shaakarti (0xp)

For your tanaereva cr.

Also have roots bulks like Armand, Ellie, Gretchen, Flora, Jerry, Tshern, Yookie.
Have 10 copies of each card above for trade.

You can pick any of these combos for tanaereva cr.

Bloody noobs in French forums deleted my post. Delete it here now. I dare you double dare you smiley
AND I DIDNT GET A SINGLE MESSAGE FROM THE N**B who deleted it. NO REASON as to why it was deleted. Did always hate the shit French forum and now one more reason added to it.

Buying outright in bulk.
Or trade for other good cards or Crs?

500k for everything... price is negotiable

I'll send u the list of my offer

thursday 21/05/2015

Boomstock 0xp x 4 5150 ph = 26000
Dr copernica 0xp x 1 35900
Farman 0xp x6 9150 ph = 54900
Grace 0xp x21 8100 ph =170100
Grouchy 0xp x 2 15500 ph = 31000
Lindsey 0xp x4 10250 ph = 41000
Octana 0xp x4 22900 = 91600

I'm looking for
Larry Any xp 480 ph
Sue 0xp 1000 ph
Dr norton 0xp 1300 ph
Shazam 0xp 1000 ph
Barbacotl 1300 ph
Bristone 0xp 8000 ph
Toro 0xp 18000 ph
Jenna 0xp 7800 ph
Fudge 0xp 650 ph
Pm me for faster results

I would like to exchange my 2 Lamar Cr full,2 Splata Cr full,Kerozinn Cr full,Kerozinn Cr 0xp,Marlysa Cr full and 2 Tessa Cr 0xp against dj korr cr +clintz

Still looking. PM me with offers. smiley

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