wednesday 25/03/2015

+1 post 25, i would'nt pay even 10k more for this card it doesn't cost more than 10k more its price, not even 5k already smiley
I close this topic because it's forbidden to sell/make auction cards due to their number. Indeed, we can't controlate the number of the cards so this kind of sell/trade is forbidden in this forum smiley

Come on guys I remember to you that one card of the sakrohm is very likely to become a Cr
(that's why Eris is going up)

I lower the price a little bit more

9 Slopsh 2 0xp 7 full 2800 each

8 Eris 7 0xp 1 full 4300 each

Honestly why am I so useless at forum posting!!!

Lol, just lol smiley

My offer vs the same 0xp:

5 nellie full + 500 clints/ea
4 bengal full + 600 clints/ea
10 alexei full + 300 clints/ea

Write here if interested smiley

7k for your grace c/u

Ok forum police smiley

I take veenyle cr 0xp 40K cash smiley

tuesday 24/03/2015

Maybe it wasn't such a great offer!

I give you Melissa Cr 0 xp (450k) for:

Blaaster Cr (190k)
Jackie Cr (220k)
Complement of clintz or cards (40k)

Again, PM or post here to make an offer


I have a 0xp Beltran Cr I would like to exchange for a 0xp Dounia Cr. You can contact me later.

monday 23/03/2015

Je vends:
Rahi- 17.2k
Heegrn Cr- 15.2k
Naele- 10.2k
Vektor- 8.5k
C Wing- 7k
Jordygn- 7k
T Gaank- 6.5k
Cyb Lhya- 6.2k
C beast- 6.1k
Deea- 2.1k
Naele- 650

Ou le commerce pour tout Nightmare, mais préfèrent les meilleurs comme Kolos, Kenny Cr etc. PM moi ou laisser un mesaage si tu veux négocier

Dregn, jordygn and c wing

What about robb cr??

sunday 22/03/2015

Hello everyone,

i would like to trade my 22 Striker 0xp against some Graksmxxt 0xp.
So, here is the deal: 1 Striker 0xp+5k for 1 Graks 0xp

Offer valid 22 Times and only for 24H!


Irene gone

Grace is not 8k/e

I have general cr,
i want guru cr

personally i think my 0xp sigmund+ 0xp general cr should be enough but im willing to negotiate

Congratz with Sum Sam smiley

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