sunday 22/03/2015

Hello everyone,

i would like to trade my 22 Striker 0xp against some Graksmxxt 0xp.
So, here is the deal: 1 Striker 0xp+5k for 1 Graks 0xp

Offer valid 22 Times and only for 24H!


Irene gone

Grace is not 8k/e

I have general cr,
i want guru cr

personally i think my 0xp sigmund+ 0xp general cr should be enough but im willing to negotiate

Congratz with Sum Sam smiley

I have:

8 page cr full: 100K/ud.

Looking for:
El Divino
Tanaereva Cr
Jane Ramba Cr
Dalhia Cr

I got a Kiki Cr

I need the following 41 Crs and Rbs
yes i know DJ Korr cr and Guru cr are worth more than Kiki cr but i posted them for completeness sake

A Award Cr Aldebaran Cr Ambrose Cr Armanda Cr Ashley Rb Beltran Cr Berserkgirl Cr Dj Korr Cr Dragan Cr Dwain Cr Elya Cr Flavio Cr General Cr Guru Cr Jim Cr Kerozinn Cr Lamar Cr Lao Cr Marlysa Cr Melissa Cr Miss Twice Cr Manon Cr NDololo Cr Nanook Rb Nahi Cr Ombre Cr Reine Cr Rass Cr Scarlett Cr Seldnor Cr Selsya Cr Shawoman Cr Sigmund Cr Skullface Cr Splata Cr Sum Sam Cr Swidz Cr Syd Noze Rb Tessa Cr Thaumaturge Cr Wardog Rb

Post Here or PM with offers
i value all cards at average market price

I want to trade:
My Wardog Rb (full) + 10k = your Wardog Rb (0xp)

Please message me if interested. =)

Sorry, trade already made. smiley Thanks!

Still looking smiley baby Q Rb now at 155k and Syd Noze Rb down to 475k

saturday 21/03/2015

Offer 1x Dregn 0xp + 2x Vermaire 0xp + 10k = 119k smiley

Tessa Cr is also a want

Hey, trading my 2 Kerozinn Cr full xp (735k/e) for:

1 Lamar Cr (1m030) - has to be on your proposal
450k in 0xp cards like Uranus (27k/e), Rahi Sledon (18k5/e), etc

Pm me or post here for negotiations!

Trade anyone 80 weifang for Byron.

No all full xp sorry smiley

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