friday 20/03/2015

Dragan Cr full exp [1m380k]
Splata Cr 0exp [950k]
Dounia Cr 0exp [350k]
Blaaster cr 0exp [200k]
Sylth Cr 0exp [75k]
+ cash

I'm looking for:
Nanook Rb any exp [3m]

100 pericles 0xp (me) vs 35 kalindra cr 0xp (you)

Im selling nightmares such as ozzy,nistarok,oshitsune,betelgeuse,azrgowth,ghumbo,lelena, at prices a little lower than market price. If interested contact me. If you buya all of them Ill give you a addittional disacount for the bundle.

Thank levi smiley all of my cards are 0xp

thursday 19/03/2015


I am looking for Kalindra Cr (max) + compliment for my Alec Cr (0xp)

As Alec Cr 0xp market value is about 265k now, I would prefer around 65k in compliments in either cards are clintz, If possible I may trade for Kaldinra Cr + Lisbeth and pay 15k compliment along with trading alec Cr.

Other cards will also be excepted as offers alongside Kalindra (any cards, but most preferably crs such as Chiko, chad bread + clintz or others).

Please PM me with offers.

But there are like 10 other offers on the market that are lower than it... smiley

wednesday 18/03/2015

Hello, I am looking to trade Baby Q RB (160k) for 2 Yayoi CR(130k) plus a 30k card to fill the trade gap. Please PM me offers. Thanks!

The cards are: X-0dus, Rahi Sledon, Dianzi and Quinn.

Note: You have to trade them all.


I prefer 1.2k/head

tuesday 17/03/2015

Haha yeah both smiley and ty

Hello everyone!
I would like to trade my Jackie Cr, Dounia Cr and veenlye cr 0xp all for
Florida Jane
Sah Brinak
Sera M1
Vermyn N
Dr Copernica

I am willing to trade trough Private Sale (VP) or Secure Trade (ES).

550k cash+2 page cr for berserkgirl cr?

1 bengal 0xp found

monday 16/03/2015

I have a Rare Josephine card for a deck using "Uppers". I am looking for a Nightmare deck, not much, just maybe a few cards to add to my current collection. I am hoping to get at least equal value for the card (Which is currently valued at about 16.7K to 17.5K.) But you never know, just believe in the heart of the cards.

Miss twice cr full and miss twice cr 0xp sold

Splata Cr + 3 caelus Cr 192k/u (2 Full, 1 0xp) in marlysa Cr
players interested send me mp

I look at market price, unless it is abnormally low or high. Right now you need to add around 1.7 for me to be interested

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