monday 16/03/2015

71 Kamekun 0xp 2k8/e =198.8
i add 101 200 Clinz for 4 Dregn 0xp =75k/e =300 K

IN Your private sales bro

sunday 15/03/2015

Wanna trade your kiki for my general cr 0x?

I buy lots of Eris any xp for 4.1ksmiley
Send it to my ps

saturday 14/03/2015

I dnt have brampah, brampah noel, ayzcub, hakunah, tihmpah, mylka, snorkar,

PM me if u want to negociate

All frozn except brampah, mylka, snorkar, brampah noel, tihmpah, ayzcub and hakunak


I'd like to trade my syd noze rb 0xp for Vickey cr
The complement is negotiable

friday 13/03/2015

Caelus cr sent, i close this smiley

All cards sent, i close this smiley

No need Armanda Cr. Only 3 Dounia Cr left and all Baby Q Cr smiley

LF: 4-5 Elviras, can be varying XPs, preferably some are 0x

for my 0xp Zrobbie

please PM for those interested, thanks.

thursday 12/03/2015

Last bid today at 18:00, by Saga HoA!
Sold for 2,980 clintz!

He did, he's good at bidding at the last moment. smiley

So we are done, and since Frozen's offer is 1 minute too late smiley

The winnes is RedBull with 3220, it will be in your PS in 1 minute

I want to trade or sell my Mina 0xp, i have 400 Mina 0xp for 10k/t ( 4M ) for all

i search :
cr's unplayable
-Zatman : 35k
Spyke 30k

Hello everyone,
as the title says I sell this card at very low prices,


7 Amanie full 6300 each

5 Jeena 5 full 8300 each

8 Lilly 1 0xp 7 full 8400 each

9 Lou 1 0xp + 2 three stars + 6 full 5400 each

9 Ojibway 1 0xp 8 full 3700 each


9 Daqun 8 full 1 0xp 1700 clintz l'una

8 Twyh full 1400 l'una

this is it

I sell the card only for clintz,I could accept a trade only if is a very good one

You can contact me here or PM me


Ok so according to the time, its qwaiker who has won it with the highest bid of 1050 ctz ! smiley

Congrats !. Redbulls offer was 11 minutes after deadline. Dwergs was 35 mins after.

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