tuesday 10/03/2015


Mon General Cr 0xp (7.2 mil) J'accepte:

- Collectors:
Seldnor Cr: 118k
Cassio Cr 120k
Thaumaturge Cr 289k
Dwain Cr 319k
Nahi Cr 320k
Beltran Cr 324k
A Award Cr 330k
Jim Cr 370k
Ombre Cr 389k
Ambrose Cr 430k
Reine Cr 465k
Melissa Cr 500k
Elya Cr 720k
Kerozinn Cr 740k

Merci! smiley

35 page cr full xp ?

Too much, sorry :s
people trade that for 5k max smiley

Salut a vous je recherche des cartes 0 xp j'estime ma Rass Cr a 805k
je recherche
crouchy 0xp 17k/t
Saki 0xp 25/t
Dagg 0xp 27/t
Xingshu 0xp 28k/t
El Matador 0xp 20 k/t
pour d'autres lots de cartes je suis ouvert par mp merci et bonne journee

I totally agree with your statement... xD

- 44 Ruru 0xp 1,8M vs 22 Sylth Cr 0xp
- Ombre Cr + Dounia Cr 700k vs 10 Sylth Cr 0xp
- 6 Page Cr + 100 Mok 0xp 700k vs 10 Sylth Cr 0xp

I accept max 22 sylth cr

YEs I saw his price and that is way lower than I value.

And I accept your offer. He will be in your PS soon

monday 09/03/2015

Sell or trade page cr for equivalent prize

If interested, MP smiley

I'd like to exchange my:

Splata Cr for Dragan Cr

Dounia Cr for Skullface Cr

Bump. Still looking. =)

Please do not ask for Clintz in a trade, like someone already has. I tried to be clear above -- I don't have Clintz for trade. If you think your card is worth more, then please tell me which other cards you would like. Don't ask me to choose them for you...

Found kerozinn and lamar so i'm almost out of jackies. Closing this.

I do have kerozinn 0xp so if anybody wants to trade their kerozinn full + 15k for my 0xp you can send me a PM

It's finish, i don't want more Mulligan 0xp! smiley

sunday 08/03/2015

DARN YOU UR !!! smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Mon 3x bab q rb 0XP (210k) = 630K pour votre

Tsubame 65k
Oraya 21k
Fei 18k
Crazy Carlo 18.5k
Bogdan 22k
Octana 22k
Périclès 74k
18k Bengal
Florida Jane 12k
12k Brody
Ray 12k
Madelone 13k
Peeler 13k
Ray 13k
Bryan 13k
Buck 14.5k
Yoshida 14k
Liona 12,5k
Mechakolos 60k
Numar 65k
Hikiyousan 18k
Arno 18k
Marina 33k
Shakra 37k
Raven 38k
Charlie 42k
Pilzken 30k
Beeboy 30k
Coby 30k
Dr Copernica 32k
Willy 15k
Akendram 15k
Shifou 16k
Rhyno 16.5k
17k Grouchy
Curlix 14k
Lulabee 10k
Serena 10k
Crassus 10k
Lindsey 10k
Shayna 10k
Brianna 10k
Kuei 10.5k
heartnett 11k
Sasl Lovelace 13.5k
Juicy lord 11k

Une combinaison des cartes mentionné.
Se il vous plaît PM moi pour de plus amples détails / commerce.
Tous les prix négociable.

I buy Bodenpower for 16,500 clintz in private sales. Thanks smiley

Thanks, i know that is a little bit under the market price but, if someone will wanna sell it fast, will accept my offer

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