wednesday 04/03/2015

2 Magnolia and 2 Dawn for 65K or 70K?

tuesday 03/03/2015

Hi i'm looking for, and i propose:

100 Corrina 0xp (4k/tete) vs 10 Ruru 0xp (40k/tete)---> 400k vs 400k
100 Nellie 0xp (6k/tete) vs 15 Ruru 0xp (40k/tete)-----> 600k vs 600k
100 Grace 0xp (8k/tete) vs 20 Ruru 0xp (40k/tete) ----> 800k vs 800k

Translation in private sales

UP 275 full xp 300 0xp smiley

Sell to. Brahmaman. Close theme. smiley

I want armanda cr to for my collection, i value her 1.3kk.

my cards :tanaereva cr (350k) kalindra 0 xp (200k) 300k cash and othere 450k of cards over 50k smiley Pm me for offer

Im also looking for eryton any xp valuing at 4k each

monday 02/03/2015

Good evening

i buy:
30 wakai 2,8k to head

in my private sales


Try with the french forum smiley

Still available! smiley

sunday 01/03/2015

This is all i need to finish off collection of regular cards (RB and CR's not included here)

If you have anything on the following list PM ME and we will work out a trade.
They are all relatively cheap cards and i just want to trade for them instead of buying packs or using clintz.

So thanks for any help.

Lear Barduh
Crazy Carlo

all total just shy of 47K so hit me up, lets make a trade

Thanks again for all and any help

Already traded smiley

He's 33k because I'm buying every one that's posted for lower smiley

Lamar gone
1 geuner gone

Last Geuner for 115k

Guys I have 3 Pericles 0xp to trade I value each card at 76500 total 229500
I am looking for clints or trade for 0xp lots
Cards I'm most after
But I am able to trade against most 0xp lots am looking to get rid of all 3 in 1 deal

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