sunday 01/03/2015

14 Rey Mono 650/piece
12 Kenjy Noel 200/piece
11 Tekumman 1900/piece
10 Miss Nova 1000/piece
10 Misery 500/piece
10 HUNDUN 350/piece
8 Snorkar 200/piece
7 Saltsberg 6000/piece
6 Mina 6000/piece
5 Dorothy 1200/piece
5 Laurens 200/piece
5 Berghart 350/piece
4 Fisher 19200/piece
4 Weifang 1000/piece
2 Bengal 22000/piece
2 Skyler 1600/piece
1 Sera M1 22000/piece
1 Pearl 8200/piece
1 La BEstia 15500
1 Koshiro 62000
1 Dj Korps 29000
looking for chash Cr and expensive non Cr
just pm me, prices can change

I have yet a kenny cr 0xp and a dalhia cr, I'm looking for them full xp + compliment

I'm looking for 3 charlie 0xp. I pay 42 000 clintz for each one, just put them in my PS.
Thank you.

saturday 28/02/2015


Just Looking to finish out my collection of regular run cards via trade.
If you have any cards on the list below PM ME.

thanks for any help, reasonable offers will always be considered. send me a list of what you are looking for and what you have to trade and we can work something out...

Crazy Carlo
Sasl Lovelace
Lear Barduh
D4 Funk

Thank again for reading


The glitch that puts French topics in EN....

Looking to trade my Nanook Rb, willing to listen to offers pm me with trades or even cash value

Jackie Cr for 230000
Caelus for 195000
Tanaereva Cr for 330000
also cards for trade !

Lamar´s price drop

so my Lamar cr for your splata cr any xp + 20k

Dawn gone!
that was fast

No, i personally don't like them smiley

No one interested?

I exchange my Manon Cr 0 exp 1,1 M, I search full:

Baby Q Rb 240 k
Syd Noze Rb 620 k
Wardog Rb 480 k

I trade my Marina and Stacey 0xp and want your marina and stacey full xp + 1000 clintz.

Thanks all
Good game.

My nanook rb for kiki cr + 500k or cards to reach 500k smiley

State what you are willing to pay

Hey I want to trade my wardog rb for
A miss twice cr and mechakolos
Two Jackie cr s
Pm me if u are interested
Thank you

friday 27/02/2015

Oh, I forgot about that: she's 0 exp.

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