sunday 31/05/2015

Ful xp, 480 clintz each

My Kiki Cr 0 xp for your Kiki Cr ful + negotiable complement smiley

Guru cr 7.8M in market its good price harry up !!!

saturday 30/05/2015

I'm looking to buy all the Big 5.

Dj Korr Cr ( My value = 7M)
Lyse Teria Cr ( My value = 5M)
Guru Cr ( My value = 7.5M)
General Cr (My value = 6M)
Kiki Cr (My value = 7M)

I can trade however I'd strongly prefer to buy them all in Clintz. All prices are negotiable, thanks smiley

Trade done smiley

General maybe ?

The Auction came to an end!

Congratulations to: Faizal_811 Clover is in your PS! smiley

Depends how many clintz have you got?

Dortez vermyn rb solded

Auction ends on 06/07 at midnight pacific time cards will be distributed within 24hrs of then

Duc-Tiwi - Legend - Dutch Urban Crew English
Yesterday at 02:59

This should be the winning bid.

Hi, I'm looking for these 4 cards to complete my first clan. I have limited clintz at the moment so trading will help lol
(but I can still buy some with clintz)

Devil Dog
La Calavera
Petit Coq

Buying at most market, maybe not even but pm me if you have any/all of them and we can work something out.

I'm looking for:
Ulrich 0xp(5k/T) max 350
Eddie 0xp (3k/T) max 50
Askai 0xp (6,5k/T)max 40
Ongh 0xp (70k/T) max 20
Dorian 0xp (25,5k/T) max 70
GraksmxxT 0xp (66k/T) max 50
Badenpower 0xp (17k/T) max 30

I offer:
Lyse teria 0xp (5,3M)
5 robb 0xp (108k/T)
48 Josephine 0xp (19k/T)
Jackie cr 0xp(235k)
Taenareva cr full(365k)

friday 29/05/2015


I sell vickie cr full xP at 610 K !

Wrong forum section (you should've posted in the thread for bug reporting), but are you sure you didn't buy an Elite? If you've got Douglas from a NB indeed, write to Support.

Mp x maggiori info

As the title says looking for (any amount of them) ~ All Valued at Market Value

Jackie Cr
Caelus Cr
Vickie Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Kalindra Cr
Dalhia Cr


I have up for trade:

Robb Cr
Terry Cr x 3
Blaaster Cr
Chikko Cr x 2
Kawamashi Cr x 2
Lost Hog Cr
Boris Cr x 2
Diyo Cr
Dolly Cr x 3
Noctezuma x 2
Rowdy Cr
Veenyle Cr x 2
Amiral Py Cr x 2
Jane Ramba Cr
Edd Cr x 2
Rhed Cr
Smokey Cr
Cassio Cr
Sakura Cr x 2
Yayoi Cr
Marco Cr
Slyde Cr x 2
Noodile Cr x 2
Chiara Cr x 2
Heegrn Cr x 2

Josephine x9 (Lot)

I also have most of the normal collection to offer

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