thursday 26/02/2015

Cheers frozen

Diana sold out !
Marina and Qubik still left.

wednesday 25/02/2015

I have a dragan cr 0xp (1.2m) + 50k
I'll take your 5x Baby q rb for it

Dragan cr 0xp 1.2m + 100k (negotiable)

for 5 baby q rb (275k) 0xp preferred

My Aldebaran cr 910k
+ 150k
for lamar cr 1030k

Looking for PIranhas, Nightmare or any valuable set.
If in clintz i'll go down to 313k.


I trade my Lyse Teria Cr 0 exp --> 5,6M .

What i'm looking for :

- Marlysa Cr --> 1,5 M

- Lamar Cr --> 1,1 M

- Splata Cr --> 1,0 M

- Kerozinn Cr --> 0,8 M

- Vickie Cr --> 0,63 M

- Tanaereva Cr --> 0,34 M

- Jackie Cr --> 0,22 M

- Caelus Cr --> 0,18 M


- I'm looking for full exp ( i'm not interested in 0 exp ) .

- I accept just 1 copy per card .

- I'm not interested in lots .

- The prices are absolutely not negotiable .

Aloah smiley

[EXCH/TRADE] + title
Write the name of the card/s you’re looking for.
Write an approximate value of clintz you would like to receive for your card/s.
Write the name of the card/s you want to give in return.

Thanks everybody
I finish my bulk smiley

In exchange of
Kolos 0xp
MechaKolos 0xp

tuesday 24/02/2015

Trade my Nanook Rb for Dragen Cr + 2x Tessa Cr + Splata Cr by difference i would put something on or you put something on it, it comes at the market value

Remain 20 sasl loveace 0xp

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