wednesday 27/05/2015

5 JESSIES( 50k)
1 stompah (15k)
3 eebiza (9k)
Oscar (8k)
Ayah (8k)

tuesday 26/05/2015

I buy All Oxana 950 clintz.

Just throw them all in my private sales.
(Looking for about 1000 copies smiley )

Up. Msg me priv if u are interested

620 Ctz p/t Availability X 43 (Phillips)

General cr + 300k cards?

I'm just going to cancel this as no one has bid correctly.

I'm not a mod lol, I just want to know.

Robb cr yayoi cr eddncr 110k

Hey all! Im looking to buy the following:
x1 Ongh - 58k
x1 Vermyn N - 55k

Message me if interested! Thank you smiley

monday 25/05/2015


I buy Hikiyousan 0exp : 18k each one

I buy Havok 0exp : 15k each one

Thanks smiley


Davina 0xp
Elvis 3*
Hammer 0xp
Nathan 0xp
Petra 0xp
Serena 0xp

Looking for Sentinel and Riots (Only looking for playable cards)

Offer up!!

Miss Twice Cr 0xp 380 000 clintz
Jim Cr 0xp 335 000 clintz
Caelus Cr 0xp 205 000 clintz
Emeth Cr fullxp 95 000 clintz (x2)
Page Cr fullxp 80 000 clintz (x
Jane Ramba Cr fullxp 55 000 clintz (x2)
Marco Cr 0xp 54 000 clintz
X-0DUS 0xp 48 000 clintz
Kerry fullxp 43 000 clintz (x2)
Saki 0xp 25 000 clintz (x3)

Thanks smiley

5M cash now smiley

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