saturday 23/05/2015

Hi Im selling 150 x full exp Harmonia for 550 each

If you buy 75 of them for 550 cintz each , I sell the other 75 to you for 540 clintz each

And selling 150 x full exp Rhody for 205 clintz each

pls pm me if interested smiley

Market 91000K


i'll close subject tonight smiley

tessa cr 0xp 950k
tanaereva cr 0xp 370k
jackie cr 0xp 230k

I have:
Miss Twice Cr 0xp 400k
Jim Cr 0xp 380k
3 Emeth Cr 98k
8 Page Cr 83k
Sylth Cr 0xp 78k
2 Jane Ramba Cr 57k
2 Chiara Cr 40k
Boris Cr 18k

I search:
Chad Bread Cr 68k
Kreen Cr 82k
Seldnor Cr 125k
Swidz Cr 196k
Dwain Cr 280k
A Award Cr 295k
Ombre Cr 310k
Tessa Cr 940k
Marlysa Cr 1M 440k

Thanks smiley

In fact an en player took me my pericles smiley
btw no one is interested in what you think smiley

41 Wolfgang 0exp your Farman,lindsey,boomstock,grouchy and octana?

I search a Dragan Cr i would pay 900k

200 OXANA 0XP 950 each one

My Lao CR full + 120k for Marlysa CR

Open to other offers too


friday 22/05/2015

Salut, je suis un Lao CR complet Exp pour le commerce. Je vais ajouter 120k clintz pour un CR de Marlysa. Également ouvert à d'autres d'autres commerciaux PM moi

About 200k not enough for me

No sorry, the trade is Vickie Cr full xp 620000 clintz for 124 Mina 0 xp.

I am looking for 25 units of Wanda 0xp, I value them at 4k/e

I have got some Raven cards to trade with apart from cash (10 Wanda 0xp = 1 Raven 0xp).

Both sold

58 Charlie 0exp -> 50k/cad
25 Pericles 0exp -> 80k/cad
26 Cortez 0exp -> 72k/cad

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