thursday 19/02/2015

38 Sah Brinak 0xp - 12.800 /e


Rob cr x2 70000 ph
Sylth 78000
Kreen 97000
Lost hog 20000
Am looking for hurricana/ghiest/all stars/Montanas

Hello! I need Dalhia Cr. For 135 000

i want to trade my Kiki cr 0exp (7.5m)

I'm interested in:
Dregn 0exp (max 30) 70k/each
Bodenpower 0exp (max 80) 18k/each
Blood 0exp or full (max 80) 20k/each
Cortez 0exp (max 35) 65k/each
Kerry 0exp (max 86) 30k/each
Ongh 0exp (max 50) 70k/each
Pericles 0exp (max 50) 72k/each

if you are interested, write here or contact me by pm smiley

Leviatonn for easy access smiley

Still up for grabs smiley

Im looking for Marlysa Cr or cash

Selling kawamashi CR x30 many Lvl 1 for 10000 clintz ea 900 off ea!

Thanks admins

I accept put on my ps Dounia, i send you syd noze rb 400k

Do you accept cards for 1 full xp?approximately 285k

If you add 300k cash or cr i can accept

My guru cr 0xp for guru cr full xp +5ksmiley

wednesday 18/02/2015

Hey guys, I have a lot of Dave. There are 45 copies, 13 of which are full xp, the other 32 are 0xp. I am asking 75 000 for the lot, or about 1667 each. Offer is negotiable, and I will consider any trade or a straight-up sale. PM or post here, thx

2 Baby Q Rb 0 xp +70K cash vs 1 Syd Noze Rb 0 xp smiley

Woops I meant 3,5 mil as the value.

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