wednesday 13/11

Hi, i want to trade my manon 0xp

I want mainly #Merweiss and also accept bigs:

Kiki Cr
Guru Cr
Lyse Teria Cr
DJ Korr Cr

But feel free to send other proposals, if they are good I might accept them smiley

About prices I value everything at market price

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Thanks for all the birthday wishes

Only 6 more ! =)
170k each for the last 6 ! =)

tuesday 12/11

Hi all please look at my market sales all cheap in comparison to other cheapest cards smileysmiley

Buying all Bartholomew 0xp for 1300 each
big lots pm me


I offer:
Kenny Mt 0 xp 1,9M
18 Caelus Cr 0 xp 1,5M/t
Dwain Cr full 600k
10 Kolos Cr full 500k/t
9 Marco Cr 0 xp 360k/t

6 Guru 0xp is sold
1 Manon full is sold

New estimates:
Dj Full - 13.5m
Dj 0xp - 14m

Sigmund is 0 xp
Dragan is full xp

I confirm smiley

Thank you so much smiley

monday 11/11

Offer update
12.5 m cash your DJ Korr Cr any exp

sunday 10/11

Buying DJ Korr CR - 12.5m cash

Im selling
159 Sue 0xp 1.6k each
10 Ford 0xp 8k each
16 Yookie 0xp 10k each
15 Kluwn 0xp 3k each
20 Gyro 0xp 3.5k each
35 Igniss 0xp 5k each
40 Lara Hate 0xp 40k each
50 Mudster 0xp 4k each

looking for clintz only

I'm adding an extra Clive 0 xp. In total 700k + 100k + 60k + 60k + 60k = 980k for your Pericles Mt 0 xp (850k)

Kerozinn is 7.000.000 and Merweiss is 6.300.000, so the difference is 700.000 clintz that can be Collectors or clintz.

saturday 09/11

Hello i need DRENG MT prefer him at 0 xp but full also is ok.

WIlling to Trade Graxmxxt MT + Mokra


Mkali 50500k( ghostown ) + Mana Cercei 450k if you are willing to paying me the difference

or you can ask me for any compination

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