sunday 06/07/2014

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LOL jambo 215k ? Minim 240k for cards, 230k for cash smiley

But i trade only Jackie cr full 0xp

Stacey for the link

All sold

2050 clintz each

How many of the dr , norton are 0xp

As I said, prices are a very rough estimate and are negotiable

Buy Blaaster Cr for 105k

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I have crazy Carlo and bridge remaining

I'm looking for wee lee + nyema

Guru 9.9m 0 exp General 9.9 0 exp

saturday 05/07/2014

Pfull threads aren't allowed to be posted. It is stated in one of the stickied threads in this sub-forum. I'm sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Also tobbie,now anyone?

I trade 107k Clintz + 8 Boris Cr + Heegrn Cr + El Divino for your Tanaereva Cr

Ty smiley

Guys i have 45 muze full xp to sell/trade
2500 ph
or trade
make me an offer

I'll buy them all for 375 eachsmiley

I need cash but I can accept graksmxxt 0xp

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