saturday 05/07/2014

Sellin/trading 200x Crunchy 0xp 600 clintz/E

evaluate all offers..
pm me

I have Farman grouchy crazy Carlo bridge all 0xp

I'm looking for : ratanah shakra and wee lee 0 xp or full

Pm me if interested

Thnx modz

NDololo Cr 680000-710000 clz
Flavio Cr 720000-750000 clz
Lao Cr 720000-750000 clz
Armanda Cr 780000-810000 clz
Directly sell in my private sales.

Yes look the courbe of crunchy , and moyenne price smiley

Got themsmiley

I want to buy him for 1.15K each

Sold thxsmiley

Flavio Cr , for reference

Good luck smiley

friday 04/07/2014

Hello to everybody i sell or trade my general cr 0exp that i value around 9.9m

i'm interested to
dj korr cr 10m

for other offer contact me



Je souhaite échanger mon mes Crs:

> Chad Bread Cr 50k
> Noodile Cr X7 120k
> Jane Ramba Cr X4 180k
> Jackie Cr X7 1,540k
> Chikko Cr X2 30k
> Vickie Cr X2 1,400k
> DJ Korr Cr 10M
> Tanaereva Cr 300k
> Copper Cr X3 270k
> Manon Cr 1,300k
> Dragan Cr 900k
> Skullface Cr 213k
> Terry Cr X4 50k
> Beltran Cr X2 500k
> Selsya Cr X2 500k
> Kenny Cr X9 630k
> Elya Cr X2 1,500k
> Nahi Cr X2 360k
> Page Cr 80k
> Kerozinn Cr X2 1,500k
> Seldnor Cr X2 200k
> Tessa Cr X2 1800k
> Swidz Cr 145k
> Slyde Cr X14 182k
> Blaaster Cr X2 240k
> Edd Cr X11 400k
> Emeth Cr X7 600k
> Robb Cr X3 160k
> Rhed Cr X9 135k
> Dalhia Cr X12 1152k
> Kreen Cr 75k
> Sylth Cr X8 500k
> Chiara Cr X13 300k
> Caelus Cr 185k
> Heegrn Cr X16 195k
> Kawamashi Cr X9 81k
> Kalindra Cr X3 500k
>Splata Cr X2 1800k

and 1.5m clintz
Pour cela, je recherche en échange :31.6m for these 7 crs.
Je préfère a pour la transaction: Kiki Cr Lyse Teria Cr General Cr Armanda Cr NDololo Cr Flavio Cr Lao Cr.

Moyen de transaction:VP (private sales).


I Have 20 Jackie cr 0xp , 7 Kalindra cr 0xp to sell smiley
what do u offer ?

Send me all your baxter janine Lydia Beetenka Jose Star Lydia Tyler

Add 53k and its ok smiley

660k cash smiley

Zachary thomas win with 80 001 Clinz
in ur private sale at 401/E

thursday 03/07/2014

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