wednesday 02/07/2014

Still 30 left

I'm not sure why you post this thread when you can always PM brahman himself to thank him personally. Wrong section and this is getting off-topic. Please refrain from posting if you are not conducting business in this forum. Thank you.

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Contact support here:
Nothing much we can do. Good luck.

I'd like to sell 'em for 600 clitz per head, in future the price will be higher

I sell Kiki Cr 0xp value 10,5m
I search
4m cash atleast
And crs like:
Marlysa Cr ( 1.38m)
Splata Cr (870k)
Tessa Cr (860k)
Kerozinn Cr ( 670k)
Vickie Cr (670k)
Lamar Cr (650k)
Jackie Cr (210k)

Even some unplayable Crs like:
Shawoman Cr (900k) max:1
Dragan Cr (820k) max:1
Sigmund Cr: (600k) max:1
Lao Cr (980k) max:1

Pm me
Thanks in advance

If you want to pay in cash only: 10 mio smiley

6 Jackie Cr 0 xp?

Magnar 4000 / t? smiley

tuesday 01/07/2014

Dirty Deans done dirt cheap? smiley

I exchange Berserkgirl Cr 0exp (1M), I search full:
dwain cr 250k
a award cr 250k
reine cr 300k
melissa cr 300k
ambrose cr 375k
sigmund cr 600k
elya cr 600k
dragan cr 850k

- Berserkgirl Cr 0exp (1M) for lao cr full (1M)
- Berserkgirl Cr 0exp (1M) for la full + irene full

Contact me here or with mp.

Looking for a Mechakolos full or 0xp doesn't matter.
I value them at the same price.

Now only 50k clintz

Still juste 1 marlysa cr full smiley

Hi i want sell my Lyse Teria cr 0 Exp for 7.6kk Clitnz or 5kk Clintz + Cr worth 3kk Clintz smiley

Pm me if you want buy her. smiley

Hi smiley

I trade 250 Curlix 0xp estimated 14000/head (3M5) and 500 Mulligan 0xpestimated 600/head (300k)

I look for (Full/0xp)
- Robb Cr (48k/50k)
- Marco Cr (48k/50k)
- Kenny Cr (70k/73k)
- Dalhia Cr (96k/99k)
- Copper Cr (100k/105k)
- Blaaster Cr (110k/115k)
- Caelus Cr (180k/185k)
- Jackie Cr (210k/220k)
- Tanaereva Cr (300k/310k)
- Vickie Cr (670k/680k)
- Lamar Cr (635k/645k)
- Kerozinn Cr (700k/710k)
- Tessa Cr (870k/880k)
- Splata Cr (880k/890k)

- Boomstock 0xp (4k)
- Pr Hartnell 0xp (4k)
- Octana 0xp (13k)
- Dr Copernica 0xp (31k)


I am looking to sell a Mechakolos for the price of 64k clintz or cards of equal value, please post your offers or forward them to my friend -ChairmanMeow

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