saturday 10/05/2014

Sorry I meant to write 23.5k per head for my Chiara 0 xp.

Sabia has left. I have done searching. If you still have Graks, I might still take but the following offer or the initial offer will not be available.

I suggest you reading the rules, the TAG [Sell] is missing another time smiley


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Apparently the level of idiocy is exceedingly high here. I'll beat any market price, meaning that if the price is at 78k, I'll drop 1k-4k off. That being extremely generous of me. Now, if anyone has a reasonable me.

160k in clintz or arno 0xp 12k each

if u have bulk of arno 0xp or full for trade pm me i have stuff

friday 09/05/2014

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Keep it bumped for lols!!

230 mok 0xp a 800 clintz
75 massiv 0xp a 1000 clintz
25 glosh 0xp a 2250 clintz
contact me via private message if you accept my price. smiley

•Number of card (Copy card in game)

I had 1600

too late xd

I want one Dagg Oxp for complement smiley

How to earn more clintz ?

• Do more battles.
• Fight in Kate in Duel mode (for 10th win you'll get 1 card for free).
• Spin slots.
• Buy cheap cards, sell ​​them dearly.
• Earn credits (or buy them) for open the packs.
• Another modes, where you can earn good clintz - DT, DM, Coliseum, Events...

There are many ways how to earn clintz, you just have to try smiley

Still looking for more of the cards smiley prices can be negotiated if you have multiple doubles to trade!

Missing tag, missing estimations of the cards you want to buy...topic non-regolar

Lamar cr has been sold

In looking to buy Caelus Cr, i have 165,000 Clintz and can private trade today.

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