friday 27/06/2014

Caelus Cr is gone
Melissa Cr is still available and i am reducing the price to 330k
And still got about 30 Cortez if anyone is in the market for them, single cards or multiple or possibly the whole lot
Melissa Cr and all 30 Cortez are 0xp, and I value Cortez at 52k for one card, and the more you buy, the better of a deal I can negotiated with you. Thanks UR staff

Preferably for kerozinn cr, lysa teria cr and marlyssa cr

Leviatonn 3x 26000 each final price not going any lower cheaper than the market smiley

Too much 0 exp is just an un-evolved card, why is the cards price so overpriced?

Its forbidden to sell an account for money or anything else

Search his thread tiny.. u ll get to know everything -.-

Brahmaman does not wish to be contacted. Bro when you see this contact with me.

Thanks you, UR staff, A deal has been reached, please close

thursday 26/06/2014

In french forum i've heard it's not possible to link public auctions,so sorry,i didn't know!

i'll close immediatly! smiley

I can offer 4 steve + 10 Flo for your Ongh

Each one costs 215k, alternatively you may buy all 5 in bulk for 1mil and 50k clints.

* Save up 25k *

Post your offers smiley

All Jackies 0 EXP

Interested in sigmund full xp skullface cr 0xp 4 caelus cr 0xp for manon? *-*

Selling her for 110k cash

Those are my cr price estimates above.

3 of my curlix 0 xp for your yayoi 0 xp
3 of my curlix full xp for your yayoi full xp

please pm me, almost always online! smiley

When does this auction end?

Hi smiley
I'm looking to trade Marlysa Cr 0xp and Nahi Cr 0xp for full xp ones + compliment in clintz. ( 1k min smiley )
If interested, PM me smiley

wednesday 25/06/2014


i am selling my Splata Cr 0xp, i value him at around 880k, i accept cash or playable crs

Pm me if interested

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