tuesday 24/06/2014

Jackie Cr is no longer available, I still have Jim Cr if anyone is interested and I'll be posting him/her on the market at a reduced price

No, you have to pick untill Jackie's price

monday 23/06/2014

Ok fail xD there is not an English forum xD

Hi I'm looking for a kiki cr (full or 0xp, I don't care)

I can offer:

Rass Cr 0xp (980k)
Berserkgirl Cr 0xp (900k)
Armanda Cr 0xp (1375k)
Manon Cr 0xp (1290k)
50 Clive 0xp (12kx50=600k)

The rest of the offer will be completed in clintz

Made your offers smiley

P.D: I'm only looking for Kiki cr smiley

All full xp btw, and you can just private sell the offers if you want. Cheers. smiley

He is only nice if he gives peepl good playerz

Armanda Cr 780k
Berserkgirl Cr 780k
Flavio Cr 720k
Lao Cr 720k
NDololo Cr 680k
Sigmund Cr 420k

anybody intetested directly sent it in my private sales.of course the price is negotiable.you could Pm me .

Will even trade an a kalindra cr and lamar for a splata.

Hi! I sell my ombre cr full xp ( 400k)

I'm looking for:

Hey guys, maybe a bit of a stretch but here goes:
I have a Cortez 0xp that I want to trade. I am looking specifically for this lot of cards:
Noodile Cr

Send me a PM if you want to negotiate a trade. Depending on market fluctuation one of us may need to add some clintz.

sunday 22/06/2014

I guess i'l manually buy them

I research a few tanavera 0xp. 300k in my private sales.smiley

All my collectors was been traded.
Thank you smiley

I want to trade my manon cr (1,200,000 clints) for splata cr +380k in cards or clints. thanks mods! smiley

820k cash smiley

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