wednesday 18/06/2014

Hello to everybody i'm looking for some shakra 0exp

i offer:

4 bryan 0exp (9k/each)->36k vs 1 shakra 0exp (33k)smiley

if you are interested contact me


Smokey cr xp0 plus 7.5k vs dalhia cr

Then please do wait for a month and, do stop insulting YOURSELF. It doesn't work like this.

For 3 curlix 0 xp
can do 4 curlix but you have to add
pm me tnx

This isn't a place to advertise your auctions. You can only hold an auction via 1 medium - auction tools or forum. Please refrain from doing this again.

But of course, my bets for cr are dr copernica, tiwi ld and copper cr.
just think about copper cr cr!

it was fun
i will put them at 50K smiley

Thank you smiley About 11 more hours to go!

tuesday 17/06/2014

I accept the trade with spycee thanks to all smiley

Mon Jackie Cr pour 85 Tameshi 0xp ou 520 Kent.


I sell :

¤ 515 jiro 0 xP : 1 530 clintz each .
¤ 493 kamekun 0 xP : 1 635 clintz each .

I'm selling/trading 100 herman 0 xp 10k/card.
The price is negotiable.
I'm looking for:
playable cr

PM me or post here

My cards:
- 28 Clive 0xp 11k/t (308k)
- 130 Arawaka 0xp 800/t (104k)
- 3 Noctezuma 0xp 81k/t (243k)
- 1 Copper Cr 0xp 95k
- 4 Hindelga 0xp 13k/t (52k)
- 1 Robb Cr 0xp 52k
- 1 Blaaster Cr 0xp 110k
- 1 Chiara Cr 0xp 23,5k

Looking for:
- Lamar Cr 610k
- Kerozinn Cr 700k
- Tessa Cr 860k
- Splata Cr 860k
- Jackie Cr 210k
- Miss Twice Cr 250k

Thanks!!! smiley

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