tuesday 17/06/2014

Melissa cr and ndololo cr sold


I want to buy Manon Cr full cash : 1 210 000 clintz (full or 0 xp, don't care)

monday 16/06/2014

Hi i sell my dwain cr full ( 220k)
I'm looking for
Cash: if pay cash the value of card become 215k !
Jackie cr full ( 218k) smiley

0xp or full ?

Tnx tiny!..
Sold smiley

I have Yayoi and Hikiyousan both 0xp, want to trade for Graksmxxt. Inbox me please

Hey guys I have 3xp El Divino 0xp for trade for Blaaster Cr. I can offer a small compliment on the side as well. Inbox me please smiley

Close topic

Same problem as in the french forum Reserve price doesn't exist anymore ...

I Sell 80 Noctezuma 0 xp (95k)

Looking for:
Playable cr's
Lyse Teria Cr (adding complement)

PM me for a faster answer smiley

Got it thanks

I'm looking for an offer of 160k or a trade of approximately equivalent value. However, I'm open to negotiation within reason.

Hello, I am looking for the following

- Crazy Carlo Full XP (16.5k/u) only need 9 more
- Westwood any XP (270c/u) buying unlimited!

- Clintz
- Karrion 0XP (22k)
- Kolos Full XP (51k)
- Mefisto 0XP (9k)
- Ahkab Full XP (24k)
+ More!

Put these cards in my PS, PM me, or post here! (If you put a card(s) in my PS, please PM me telling me so!

Happy trading smiley

90K ill buy for smiley

Jordygn X-0DUS
12x Hemdall remaining

Both sell to eachother at minimum pricesmiley

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