monday 16/06/2014

I know it's a relatively small-scale trade, but i will trade my 0xp Tanaereva Cr that I value at 330k clintz for your Tanaereva full + complement (15k). If anyone is interested let me know! If not, I will most likely level him up.

sunday 15/06/2014

I give
Edd cr
Boris cr
Caelus cr
Chiara cr
chikko cr
Copper cr
Dahlia cr
edd cr
Emeth cr
Heegrn cr
Jane Ramba cr
kenny cr
7 Kawamashi cr
Kreen cr
Noodile cr
Rhed cr
Slyde cr
Smokey cr
Boris cr
Dr copernica
Please pm if u are interested ....any info pm me we can discuss
if u have big cr and u wanna my cards we can negociate pm me

80 cortez still avaible smiley

24 dregn ? smileysmiley

interested in
8 lizbeth 0xp for my 50 liona 0xp ?

80 Hemdall 25k
70 Pilzken 20k

Looking to trade my Marlysa CR for cards.
Just offer. Not really looking for anything in particular.

Looking for

saturday 14/06/2014

Up lowered to 1750 a head in the lot 89250 is now the price for cr,s cards, and/or clitnz pm me

Increase your price by 1k, maybe few players give you carlos smiley
gl smiley

I sell 5 ongh 0xp for 60k/T

Sorry but if you value my : lyse + general + kiki = 25M it's a bit low...

lyse 8M, general 9,2M , kiki 11,5M = 28,7M

if you want to add something, pm me smiley

good research and have a good day smiley


450+ 0xp Sue (320)
60 0xp Stompah (8.5k)
30+ 0xp Beauregrad (2k)

Highly interested in Copper Cr Wee lee Dalhia Jackie and Caelus, but llI listen to any and all offers.
If you have Copper Cr and are interested in trading for things other than these bulk cards please send me a message anyway!

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