monday 21/04/2014

70 Pilzken 0xp for 1250k ?

Hello, I'm buying all your El Gascaro 0xp at 3,8k/each in my private sales

I can also buy them with some sylth, robb, blaaster, edd, slyde, kreen or other playable crs, discuss by mp for their estimations. smiley

Market price smiley

Now the price is at 370 each clover noel

Auction ended on 19 April?

sunday 20/04/2014

Thank you. smiley

Hello everybody,
i'm buying Alice full xp and 0xp.
Alice full xp-->300 clintz
Alice 0xp-->350 clintz

Just put in my private sales.. for bulks contact me, thanks smiley

UP, let's down the price 55k/u smiley

Price is 740k

Sell A award cr (195,000 clints) and skullface cr (185,000) or exchange for cards of the same clints value. smiley


saturday 19/04/2014

1.4m cash ill sell

50 sue full xp 350 clints each 17.5k in clints pm me for fast response only looking for clints or lots of dolly 0xp

Hi, I need some marlysa cr 0xp for my collection smiley

For one of her, I can offer 105 rad 0xp smiley

The trade can be maked 8 times smiley

Contact me with PM smiley

48K each? Just initiate a secure trade, I will buy instantly.

Still Looking!

He did i pmed him..up

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