wednesday 11/06/2014

Sold! Thankssmiley

Sorry to bother you sire, you sure are an easily annoyed one.

0 Spycee , looking for cash but thanks for your offer smiley

Woah.Sorry, was meant for French forum.


I have 105 Vermaire (98 0XP, 7 Full XP) which I would like to trade for some Lear Barduh

I would like to exchange Vermaire for Lear Barduh any XP, and you can do this deal as many times as you want, the more Lear Barduh you have for exchange, the more of a compliment I will give in Clintz (Only applicable for 10+ Lear Barduh minimum)

PM me or post here and we can work something out, thanks smiley

tuesday 10/06/2014

Graks+toro+copper for caelus?

Times Up. Closed. Only negotiating via pm with people who already made offers. Not accepting any more new offers. Thanks everyone.

Sell melissa cr 0 exp for 320k or for emeth cr (80k) + dahlia cr (90k) + caelus cr (150k)

Good luck dandy

his price is fair smiley

Beltran cr 230k. I offer jackie cr 217k+ 13k . thank you

Its not that im poor smiley im cheap smiley

Any one who dont need hawk and lehane , i m ready to buy it for 1 k

Update: 100 Kephren sold.
Both Sum Sam and Marlysa also sold.

pm price or trade on Kephren 0exp in bulk CHEAP!!! x1300 left.

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