friday 06/06/2014

Hi, i want to sell or trade my dragan cr 0exp evaluated 900k

for 900k cash

for Alec cr (170k) + 730k

If you're interested, please contact me by pm smiley

Ugh I am more than aware someone has an auction for 1000 Wee Lee 0 xp on the french forum, but thanks for telling me again for the 7th time. 30k each is the PDD not the actual price, a batch of Wee lee sold at that price would be gone within 30 minutes. Furthermore I have gotten more than fair offers (38k / t +) but I have turned them down because they ether contain to many cards or they cannot trade for the entirety of my lot. smiley

☆Vickie Cr [650k]

0 Spycee

Well I have 6 Sylth Cr change, I value 49K each (they are 0 xp)

I'm looking for:

- GraksmxxT (60K)
-Uranus (21 k)
-Mokra (13k)
-Virginia (15k)
-Stellia (5k)

Don (13k)

Bump! I am anxious to be able to start using Marlysa

Je cherche des mahimatah 1,7k/ tete pour:
140 El Divino, 29k tete
165 beauregar, 1,9k tete
170 Oxo, 2k tete
520 Doug Snop, 1,2k tete
590 Yodd, 2k tete
1890 Rahanpah, 2k tete


Hi i trade my lyse teria cr 0exp vs lyse teria cr full+25k complement

if you are interested contact me


Hello i sell or trade my lyse teria cr 0exp that i value 8m

i' accept :

cr playables

if you are interested contact me


140 el divino, 29k each
165 beauregar, 1,9k each
170 oxo, 2k each
520 doug snop, 1,2k each
590 yodd, 2k each
1890 rahanpah, 2k each

for all your mahimatah, 1,7k each

Trading reine cr for jackie cr+blaaster cr+ emeth cr

or selling it for 385k

TRading my reine cr for blaaster cr+jackie cr+ dr corpenica

or selling it for 385k

7.5 million in cash or 7.8 million in cr lots.smiley

I would buy numerous of this cards in price:
Tameshi 2 400
Mefisto 9 300
Brody 8 500
Houtay 500
Flush 650
Nahmiat 1200
Naliah 2600
Pm me smiley

Hello to everybody i'm looking for guru cr (9.8m) i offer lyse teria cr full (8m)+1.8m cash

if you are interested contact me


Another person in FR market has 4x 250 Wee Lee 0 xp and only cost at least 30k per head in an auction. His price is better than your "good price". Obviously people will rather go for his Wee Lee instead of yours.

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