wednesday 26/03/2014

Good luck Bone smiley

Hello, I am selling 150 Noland for 3K a head. Contact me if you are interested or would like to negotiate. Thanks for your time!

I want to trade my vickie cr for a lamar cr or sell it for clintz (609k atm)

I value it 540k clintz
i accept clintz or cr


Just 3 copies left!

My Vickie Cr,Lamar Cr,Tanaereva Cr and Miss Twice Cr for Lao Cr,Sigmund Cr and Dragan Cr.

Scarlett cr 0xp(1630k)

i'm looking for:
-marlysa cr for my scarlett cr 0xp+10k
-23 noctezuma 0xp
-180 campbell 0xp

tuesday 25/03/2014

No, thanks

Sorry! But u guys still understand anyways

Sorry forgot to add i have

3 mona all 0exp
2 charlie 0xp
2lady 0xp


Pm me for faster replies

Hello, I am buying Tuck (0 exp) for 4500 clintz a head. I only need about 38, and just place them in my private sale. Thanks for your time!

I have 100 rahanpah 0xp
2k head ?

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