thursday 05/06/2014

Hi, i want to sell my 13 copper full exp, evaluated 90k/each [Tot. =1,170,000]

I'm looking for cash, the sell will be done by ps.
pm me if interested smiley

Yea ill just do that instead


Mind if i use this thread, im offering exactly the same

My Kiki Cr for your DJ Korr Cr + compliment

Trading my Lamar Cr 0XP for a Lamar cr Full XP + Dallas + El Gringo as compliment.

Trying to get this done as quick as possible, PM me smiley

wednesday 04/06/2014

55 Noctezuma 0xp !!!!! smiley

Good evening,

I want to trade my Guru cr 0 exp for a Guru cr full + compliment of 50k.

If you are interested contact me please.
Thank you!

Aldebaran Cr Gone ^__smiley__smiley__smiley__smiley__smiley__^

I want price arround 200k, not so sure if this raise on the market price is going to stay so, if anyone is willing to in sell cheaper than the market, let me know

That is a all time personal best. Noctezuma is gone.

Thx fiend smiley
All Ratanah are gone.

I close the subject smiley

Seeking Guru Cr 9M in cash

Hello, I want change my lyse teria cr (8M) for:

- Dj Korr cr (9,8M) + compliment 1,8M with cr or clintz;
- Guru cr (9,6M) + compliment 1,6M with cr or clintz.

MP please thanks staff smiley

Close thanks mods

tuesday 03/06/2014

At what price?

Lol people really are so greedy just list a card up with the clintz you need So I can give you the clintz

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