sunday 01/06/2014

Good morning, i'm trying to sell or trade my lot of 50 edwin full and 0xp (it doesn't make difference for such low price cards like edwin in my opinion)....price market is abuot 1470, my valutation is 1370 per head for a total price of 68500 for the entire lot. write me in private smiley

Hello -

I am in the market to buy a Tanaereva Cr (full). Up for trade:
-75k cash
-Kolos 0xp
-graksmxxt (full)
-200 Lunatik

Let me know if you have an offer. Thanks! smiley

Hello,i'm buying wardog 0 xp and mulligan 0 xp so i'm offering :

wardog 0 xp :

1-24 Wardog 0 xp : 600/e
25-49 Wardog 0 xp : 625/e
50-74 Wardog 0 xp : 650/e
75-99 Wardog 0 xp : 675/e
100+ Wardog 0 xp : 700/e

mulligan 0 xp :
1-24 mulligan 0 xp : 400 clintz/e
24-49 mulligan 0 xp : 420 clintz/e
50-74 mulligan 0 xp : 440 clintz/e
75-99 mulligan 0 xp : 460 clintz/e
100 + mulligan 0 xp : 480 clintz/e

in my private sales!!

saturday 31/05/2014

Bonjour, je voudrais vendre 151 Noland de diverses expériences pour 1.9K une unité. Voici la répartition de Noland:

- 93 Noland (0 exp)
- 52 Noland (complet)
- 6 Noland (niveau 3)

Contactez-moi si vous êtes intéressé et le message de réponse plus rapide. Je pourrais envisager jouable CR ou autres cartes de grande valeur pour le commerce ainsi. Merci pour votre temps!

So there is 760k! worth of cards + clint

TRADING Chiara Cr&Hemdall for La Junta

Shes not frozn

Last try... I'm going to close the thread after this weekend smiley

( Leviatonn 28k) Sorry


now offering 195k good offer

I offer 1,2 M full cash smiley

Pm me if you are interested smiley

I also buy peter 0xp for 200 clintz smiley

Buying curlix in bulk pm me your offers please. Thank you

Still looking for buyers of 0xp Leela smiley

Close smiley

Sold, for 900k+Raven 0xp.

Thanks levi smiley

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