friday 21/03/2014

Still looking for some Clive smiley

One is gone, 5 left.

That reasoning is why I came on here looking for a bargain

Selling Jackie Cr 0XP x3 for 185K each, 555k. I am only accepting Clintz, or bulk of Vermaire 0XP (12k/u, price negotiable)

PM me for a trade, or buy him/her/it from the market smiley

Nvm sold


I want to sell them for 445k into secure trades

0 Spycee

I am looking for a Guru Cr.

I offer:
8 700 000 cash in Private Sales

Thank you.

Cash/cards around 630k

I agree, Sum Sam is one of the original 5 and due to how rare he is keeps him at a fairly high market price, However if you notice the play-ability of the cards in question, Splata has increased much faster than Sum Sam and, In my opinion, If given another six months to a year, with the way the prices have steadily been rising, I would venture to say Splata will be worth just as much, if not more than Sammy. Again,, just the way I'm perceiving things,, and lets face it,,, I could be way off. With the way the contests and such are giving away Crs that people wouldn't have had a chance at getting unless they put a chunk of real money in the game the market price of both the above mentioned Crs could crash in a month... not likely but possible all the same.. Good luck

thursday 20/03/2014

My Sigmund Cr for your Vickie Cr. smiley

TRADE: Jeena for Kerry
TRADE: Jeena for Kerry
TRADE: Jeena for Kerry
TRADE: Jeena for Kerry

Hi smiley

lyse teria cr 7M5

2M5 cash + 2 Kalindra Cr (1 0xp) + 10 Blaaster Cr (8 0xp) + 15 Cortez + Rass Cr + 3 Melissa Cr 0xp + Ambrose Cr + Vickie Cr


Still looking.

14 dregn i give for an dragan

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