saturday 31/05/2014

Close smiley

Sold, for 900k+Raven 0xp.

Thanks levi smiley

friday 30/05/2014

Currently have a ALDEBARAN CR for trade or sell;
value her 0xp for a reasonable 840k clintz price.
hearing various offers including CRs, Cash, playable good value cards or a mix. ridiculous offers would be blacklisted. Thanks modes!

Still searching

Thank you both for the comment. smiley

And the deal is done.


55x nocte (no more 57) for 86k each -----> 4,73M
80x Dregn 70k each --------> 5.6M

total value 10,33M

if you buy all 10.1M! smiley

accept only cash as usual!

O_O viper for the win. Thank you all who placed a offer. smiley

50 clintz each

Actually there are available:

• Marlysa Cr full 1.59M
• Splata Cr 0exp -> 870k
• Sum Sam Cr 0exp 1.6M
• 20 Nabrissa 0exp 9.7k/t

Pro marketing '-'

900k clintz. Good luck smiley

thursday 29/05/2014

If someone interested, send me PM

Hi, i want to sell or trade 5 el divino full exp valued 30k/each [Tot. 150k]

I'm looking for:
A award cr full or 0exp (200k) [I'll add cash]
Reine cr full or 0exp (285k) [I'll add cash]

If you're interested, contact me by pm smiley

No longer need :
marlysa cr
lamar cr
caelus cr
blaaster cr
no longer have
10 x kalindra cr
splata cr
i now have 850k cash

my marlysa cr is 0 exp so the first person to pm me with a full marlysa cr will only have to pay 10k cash for her

Hi everyone.
I'm looking for someone interested in my Nolands smiley
2,3/2,4k each.
I'm mainly looking for CRs. Playable and not. Market prices. smiley
PM Me if you are interested.
Sorry my bad english smiley

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