monday 31/03/2014

Hello to everybody i trade my vickie cr 650k for lamar cr 600k+50k cash

if you are interested contact me


Also willing to trade for each separately

Kenny Cr full + 15K for Dalhia Cr
Kenny Cr full for Smokey Cr +7k

Hello everyone!
I would like to buy ( 2 Kalindra Cr ) for 150.000 clintz. I have many card!! if you would like to make a trade.
I'm willing to buy through Private Sales (VP) / secure exchange (ES).

Sandro in fr you said you have 1.8 billionsmiley

sunday 30/03/2014

Looking for Beltran Cr 0xp for 200,000 Clintz in my Private Sales.


Hello to everybody i trade my rass cr 1.3m+100k for manon cr 1.4m

if you are interested contact me, all is negotiable

Buying for 800 clints each, drop in my ps.
Price can be negotiated for lots.

Salut a tous echange mon tanaereva cr 0exp contre une full+15k cash

tous en vp smiley


Paying 420k for both of them(any xp) or 160k for alec cr and 260k for tanaereva cr

Hello! I would buy the following cards:

DJ Korr Cr : 9 000 000
Guru Cr : 8 800 000
Lyse Teria Cr : 7 000 000
Alec Cr: 160 000
Lamar Cr : 540 000
Lao Cr : 720 000
Tessa Cr 785000
Marlysa Cr : 1 480 000
Kerozinn Cr : 625 000

Looking to buy lots of Oxo

1.85k/head. 100+ we can discuss

Also buying FULL XP, PM me for deals.

I have for trade: Lyse Teria Cr(0exp) 2xBerserkgirl Cr(0exp) Vickie Cr(0exp), Sum Sam Cr(0exp), Miss Twice Cr(full), Alec Cr(0exp), Kerozinn Cr(0exp)
I need: Beltran Cr(full), Nahi Cr(full),Lyse Teria Cr(full)

Really no one? smiley

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