monday 17/03/2014

Can you please evaluate 1 bristone full and 1 el matador 0exp, thanks smiley

+ other 100k from spt rozzo smileysmileysmiley for a total offer 8.35m cash

I add 50k to my offer

Buying diana 's 12.000 clintz in my P.V smiley

have a good day!


sunday 16/03/2014

3-2k then.

No more people want EASY cash ? smiley

Selling Blaaster CR.

PM me if interested.

Hi, i buy annuqa 0xp 1500/h

saturday 15/03/2014

Jackie Cr 0 XP lowest is 195k, full is 178k

Thanks for coming at my neck with false information though

Hi! I have 10 Shaakarti 0xp, I wanna trade them for 30 Vektor 0xp.
Feel free to pm me smiley

I offer general cr + tanaevera cr !

Full ?? 0 xp ??

This cr are still available:

Miss Twice Cr(Full) 290k
5 Swidz Cr (0XP) 125k/t
6 Geuner Cr(5 Full, 1 0XP) 80k/t
2 Seldnor Cr (Full) 95k/t

Finish mod smiley

20 el divino 0 exp - 660k
100 noctezuma 0 exp 8m
25 caelus cr 0 exp 4.375m
3 blaaster 0 exp 320k
2 kenny cr 0 exp - 140k

I am interested in the following
big 5
single copies of these cards all in full
vickie cr
tana cr
marly cr
kerozinn cr
lamar cr
jackie cr
splata cr

i value all single cards at market price lots i value a bit more then market depending on how many there are on the market as well as how many are in the lot , i am open to any offer that are serious please pm or post here if interested smiley

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