friday 14/03/2014

3 chiros for 7 otakool?

Willing to trade my Lamar Cr 0exp for you Lamar Cr full exp plus clintz. PM me with offers and I'll get back to you .

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Do you mean sell? smiley

150 Zapatino Full 700/t.
114 Kinichaw 0xp 13 500/t.
8 Hindelga 0xp 12 000/t.
67 Sue 0xp 320/t.
23 Shazam Full xp 350/t.
13 Shazam 0xp 370/t.
35 El Divino 0xp 31 000/t.
45 Graven 0xp 9 000/t.
51 Nabrissa 0xp 12 500/t.

thursday 13/03/2014

I offer 2 Veenyle Cr for Noctezuma. I have other card if she desn't interest you. PM me.

Have you Jessie O xp or Tyler ?

I have 30 chiros you can buy them for 2.8k each or trade PM if intrested

Wtt mine Berserkgirl Cr for Kerozin Cr + 250k or tanaerava Cr

My Sigmund Cr 0 xp + 1kk for Marlysa Cr or
my Ambrose Cr 0 xp + Ombre Cr 0 xp + 850k for Marlysa Cr

I want to trade my lamar for a vickie+50k

Please write the price that you want for them and also what you will accept as trade


I search cards 3* 0xp.

If the lot is less 50 card I offer 270clintz/each.
If the lot is 50 cards to 74 cards I offer 275clintz/each.
If the lot is 75 cards to 99 cards I offer 280clintz/each.
If the lot is most of 100 cards I offer 285clintz/each.

Hello, I am selling Graven x51 (28 full, 2 4*, 21 0XP) for 9.5K/u!

PM me, or post here! Prefer Clintz, but I also accept playable Cr's Like Jackie And Tan Man smiley

wednesday 12/03/2014

Looking for El Divino (xp doesn't matter)

Can offer:

Raven full or 0xp

-and one the following-

Madelon full or 0xp
Oflgn full or 0xp
Ayah full or 0xp

PM with offers or questions please.

Thank you,

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