wednesday 21/05/2014


j'echange 2x marlysa cr 0xp, estimeès a 1,5M

je vends donc 1x marly 0xp pour 1 500 000 non negociable

et j'echange 1x marly 0xp vs full + 20 000

en VP


Which cards from the bangers total to 160k?


Je souhaite échanger ma collection que j'estime à 9700000 clintz ( Pour cela, je recherche en échange DJ Korr Cr (prix similaire après impôts).

Moyen de transaction: ES (avec l'aide de moderator).

A vos offres. Plus d'informations sur le forum anglais.

tuesday 20/05/2014

Market goes crazy again smiley

Hello, I would like to sell 151 Noland (0 exp) for 2K a head.

Contact me if you are interested or would like to negotiate. PM for faster response, and I also might accept playable Cr's or other offers. Thanks for your time!

I need 37 B Bazooka 0XP. Buying at 4k/u.

PM me and we can work something out smiley


Sell Harvey 0xp x10 for 2200 each.PM me if interested

I value Rowdy at 26K and Ongh for 58K

Also looking for Berzerk cards like Elvis, Lola, and Clive

Got many smiley

I'd be willing to accept Jackie Cr + 45k

Wow, mine not satisfy you? smiley


i have to sell 500x Malicia (full xp) and 300x Ksendra (full xp), 2950 Clintz one card. The more you want to buy, the less the price will be.

For interest or questions message me.

Greets Vly

monday 19/05/2014

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