monday 10/03/2014

Offer my 109 saki 2 0xp- 107 full
roughly 15k a head... pm me with all offers or trades.

I have 33x mok 0xp looking for 690 clintz eachsmiley

The secure system is under maintance.Does anyone know when will be ready?

Guys as the title does not sell a single lot split with the following cards

Campbell 9700
C Wing 7500
Candice 1400
Charlie 62000
Hammer 16500
Serena 8000
Yoshida 11000
Uranus 23500

the cards are all full and non-divisible (unless you want an increase of 7% for a single card?

Lot total costs 139600 clintz

I just try to cash and everything will happen in vp

contacts via mp

Hello to everybody i sell or trade the following cr

5 Jackie Cr full 170k/each
5 Caelus Cr full 142k/each
2 Caelus Cr 0exp 150k/each
1 Jim Cr 190k
5 Smokey Cr full 60k/each

i value all offer with cash or cr also not playbles smiley

we will trade in private sale or with a mod smiley if you are interested contact me smiley


Please write the exact price that you want, you can negotiate later. Also write what you would accept as trade smiley

My kalindra cr Oxp,which i value at 160k + 10k for your jackie cr full who i value 170k

pm me smiley

New price 130k.

sunday 09/03/2014

High interest in the remaining cards from rescue and fpc also looking for the other clans listed as well still

Giving it another day or 2 before I just level her up

Bid on french forum! Same post!

Ma El Matador full xp pour vous Fuzz Neil Eebiza Gibson

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