sunday 09/03/2014

I buy for 410 clints send to private sales.

Or I can offer a b bazooka (3,700) for 8 shaun (3,280)

Simple trade :

2x Robb Cr for 5x Edd Cr (or multiples of this ratio)

I have upto 6 Robb Cr's available for these trades.

As you already realized current market values favor me strongly but on the long run Robb is obiviously better choice than Edd, im just not aiming that far now.

Price: 1M cash or playable cr

thank you staff smiley

Price: 6400/cad

i accept only cash

thank you staff

I sell Dragan Cr 0xp (840k), price is a bit negotiable. I can accept also some complements in cards if you don't have all cash

PM for negotiations.

Please write the price that you want to sell your cards for smiley

Yeah i thought he had that many too

I buy some smith 0xp for that prices:

1-10 : 500/t
11-20: 520/t
21-50: 550/t
51+: 580/t

Directly in private sell

Pa joni, any xp

NEW PRICE: Now buying for 20,500, just stick 'em in his ps or negotiate for the big lots smiley

saturday 08/03/2014

I did offer 900k

Dang price rose
but i have 28k clintz now

Found her!!! smileysmileysmileysmiley

You're scamming people by 10k
Don't buy

Found them!

Found everything

I know but sometimes if its only a couple hundred clints short for 12k ill take it

Gimme your Splata cr smiley

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