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sunday 27/07/2014

50 0xp for 5300/each PV smiley

Still looking to sell! If no offers come soon I'll just wait smiley

Mefisto is currently in the market for 10,990 clintz 0xp, with that being said...are you interested in trading one for my chikko cr +2k?

Chikko Cr is currently 13,420 I will round your mefisto up to 11k and my Chikko Cr down to 13k.

4k ....seems odd lol its very much.

Still looking for a buyer smiley

This player offers ridiculous prizes for your cards. A waste of time

Remain only 4 Copper cr fullsmiley

Cassio cr sold

Can get Closed.

10 vickie cr 0 xp + 2.5M cash

510 ctz for over 300 ??


Is a very good deal all the cards we offer are 0XP

saturday 26/07/2014

Looking to trade my Lamar Cr 0exp for a full level one plus 10k compliment. PM me for fastest response. Price is negotiable

Buy jackie cr 190k if interested please put in my private sales

Hello everybody,

I said nearly everything in the title but I can also sell an Elya cr 0xp for 670k.
Feel free to contact me.

Nice weekend.

Vickie cr for your elya cr smiley

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