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monday 21/07/2014

I no longer need gil and rowdy

I offer:
- 28 clive 0xp 13k/t
- 86 houtay 0xp 950/t
- 170 arawaka 0xp 750/t

Looking for:
- cash
- jackie cr 195k
- nahi cr 200k
- miss twice cr 260k
- belmundo 0xp 1.1k


Hey, I trade Noctezuma for Cooper Cr.
If you want please post there or send me a message.

I want to trade or sell my terry cr for 11k

or multiple copies of varsolav and wonald smiley

Looking for a 10k compliment. PM me if interested in this exchange

Buy all Aaron 0xp for 5k each in ps

sunday 20/07/2014

Nobody wants a nahi smiley?

Sup homies, trading these cards:

Marco Cr
Lin Xia

For any of these cards:
Crazy Carlo
Daddy Jones

Feel free to pm offers if your interested.
Have a good one.

3 messages

No longer need Parmabarb or Rekved smiley

Striker is 34k
wee lee is 22.5 k

so my offer is striker for wee lee + 11.5k smiley

Bumpity Upity

I want to buy ONE stacey in the price range 11.5k-11.8k
negotiable price
post here or pm me
i can offer only clintz

11,000 clintz for mefisto smiley

Just bought 100 smiley for 350 each thx people

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