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tuesday 01/07/2014


Sell ​​my Ombre Cr 0XP by 330.000 clintz
Offers in my PMs or here


monday 30/06/2014

I trade my Rass Cr 0 exp for Kerozinn Cr + complement. Offers in pvt

Xp depends on your yayoi
0 xp yayoi = 4 0 xp curlix

pm me

You may want to re-word that, Darkblaze. Add "each" at the end of "2 0XP Jackie Cr: 225k", or people might misinterpret.

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/fr/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=2477958&subject_page=0#answers smiley

9,1 M cash smiley

I change my noctezuma 0xp for 2 dr copernica + 20k cash

thanks smiley

sunday 29/06/2014

Open to all offers! Anyone collecting 0xp cr's?

Oh thx I mean I am selling there's card

I value jackie at 220k, and caelus at 180k.

Pm me offers, looking for clintz, or cards. Looking for Marjory too.

I am willing to trade my Dahlia Cr + Selma OR Mokra for your Copper Cr. Please post here or pm me if you wish to negotiate.

Hi English Community !
I have a special lot to sell for collection , it's a good Bangers cards with Potentiel
it's B Bazooka 0xp , i have 666 To trade and my price will be at 7K/E
i'm looking for sell all them
i'm looking for
Collector 0xp like ( jackie 225K ,tanaereva 310K,Kalindra Cr 170K ....)
and some also somme good cards ( Cortez 52K/E , Ongh 52K/E , Kolos 52K/E .... )
All is négociable , and i'm open for that
thank u English community

saturday 28/06/2014

All are sold, please close.

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