friday 07/03/2014

GL smiley

And if i were you i wouldn't buy tickets, it is usually not profitable smiley keep your clintz for the market

Hey Guys

I´m looking for Nabrissa 0xp much as u can for cash or cards

1x Kerozinn Cr
2x Kalindra Cr
4x Copper Cr

and a lot of other non cr´s

pm me with offer

I am open to all offers. Post and or PM me. I value my 0xp at 1.3 million

Hi there! i'm selling my lot 90 x Robb cr full exp.

PDD : 50k/T

I accept : cash / Lear barduh 0 exp (22k)

Ty thx mods!

I'll throw in a 0xp rekved instead of the extra 4k? smiley

Selling x3 Arno (max) for 16k a piece.. private sale
also selling x2 X-0DUS (max) for 32k a piece.. private sale
Mail me if your interested.. may haggle a bit. especially if in bulk.

Thank you much appreciated smiley

Sold that was fast

14 robb cr full exp

Hi, i'm looking to buy kerozin for about 550k. any xp.

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EN communitysmiley

Hi there! I trade zatman full + 1k for your zatman 0 exp smiley

Habe a good daysmiley

You can close this thread, I sold it

Winifred X2
Razor X6
Venus X3
Smith X5
Candy Jack X2

14k ctz

thursday 06/03/2014

Looking to sell Dugan for around 5.5K but I will also accept trade offers

Dont need shann anymore

but buy my el matador on the market smiley

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