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sunday 10/05/2015

Hi i trade 10 lady 0xp (600k) + 350k cash vs lamar cr

i want to trade my robb cr 0 exp evalued 110k for 5 bloodh 0exp evalued 22k/each

If you are interested, contact me by pm smiley

Adding 4k in clintz smiley

Oh im sorry omg i didnt see the 0 xp xD

saturday 09/05/2015

3 Heitaci 0xp gone

today i want to sell:

- 2x robb cr 0exp -> 105k/each
- 2x Kalindra cr 0exp -> 200k/each

Hi want to sell a lot of 44 magnolia 0exp -> 17k/each too.

All by ps smiley

I can add Noctezuma and Blaaster but not more smiley

As title says, I'll buy your lots of Dorothy for 1k each, regardless if 0 or full XP.

Make private offers and I'll buy all from you.

I can add some cash - just PM me with your offer

Noodile Cr full sold
New List:
Blaaster Cr (200k)
Dounia Cr(290k)
Kenny Cr(90k)
Smokey Cr(138k)

I sell 7 Raven 0xp at 42k/e

I do accept all kind of offers, if you are interested send me a PM or post about it here

I take all , send in ps smiley

Looking to trade Tanaereva CR for Dalhia CR, Smokey CR, and 50k. If interested, PM me or place in secure trade. Thank you!

friday 08/05/2015

My Lyse Teria Cr 0xp for your Full Lyse Teria Cr + Complement Clintz

Message me if you are interested


J'aimerais échanger 100 Qubik 0xp que j'estime à 14.5k/T

Je recherche:
Du cash
Don 0xp: 21k
Dorian 0xp: 20k
Kolos 0xp: 60k
Cr's jouables 0xp

Par VP.

Now i've only:

-74x Josephine 0exp -> 18.5k/each
-46x Magnolia 0exp -> 17k/each
-3x Splata Cr full exp -> 975k/each
- 15x dolly cr full exp -> 8.5k/each

I know, but market prize increased and now I've already done the exchange smiley

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