friday 07/03/2014

14 robb cr full exp

Hi, i'm looking to buy kerozin for about 550k. any xp.

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EN communitysmiley

Hi there! I trade zatman full + 1k for your zatman 0 exp smiley

Habe a good daysmiley

You can close this thread, I sold it

Winifred X2
Razor X6
Venus X3
Smith X5
Candy Jack X2

14k ctz

thursday 06/03/2014

Looking to sell Dugan for around 5.5K but I will also accept trade offers

Dont need shann anymore

but buy my el matador on the market smiley

I have the 0xp looking for a full xp and a comp which can be discussed

Tessa cr estimation is 830k. She is full xp. In a few days I will get a 0 xp one, just in case you have lot's of gravens and you are looking for exactly 0 xp tessa(she will be more expensive though)
For 1 Graven full xp i give 7.4k
For 1 graven 0 xp i give 7.6k
So, roughly, we could trade tessa for 100 graven 0 xp+ 9 graven full xp, or for 100 graven full xp and 90k, etc.
These prices are for bulks of gravens only.
I can buy several copies too, PM me in case you want to sell them

Trading my 0xp caelus for a max caelus + compensation

I`m looking for (any lvl):

Splata Cr - 700k
Tessa Cr - 750k
Marlysa Cr - 1,3M
General Cr - 8M

All by cash
PM me or put in my PS

Thanks Bojax! Feel free to PM me. I'm open to other offers/negotiations.

He isnt selling he is buying DJ Korr



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