thursday 22/05/2014

Selling 60 nolands for 1900 clintz each... 31 0xp , 24 full xp nd 5 mix xp....

this offer is valid if bought all...

pm me for faster response smiley

I apologize to MOD's for the mistake.
I forgot that is putting completed auctions into this thread is not allowed.

I close therefore this thread.

0 Spycee

Hi all,

Trading a Marlysa Cr 0xp for a Marlysa Cr full + 20K in Clintz

PM for quicker response and to negotiate.
Thank you

Buy a Caelus Cr for 155 000 clintz (full or o 0 xp)
for Private Sale

5%. It really depends on you but you need to take into account if you have good montana cards as well (Spiaghi, Mona, Moses, etc). It depends on the mode you want to play as well. Good luck with it. If you need any tips, feel free to PM me. I'll close this thread since this is off-topic.

wednesday 21/05/2014


2x Raven (0xp) (47k each) + 4k clintz


Smokey CR any XP (82k) and Reeve (15k)

PM for quicker response and to negotiate.
Reserve right not to trade if offer isn't adequate.

Thank you,

Nagiata for Stalfhaust + Erika

Selling Ongh 0xp (63K) looking for

Charlie 0xp + clitzs
Ongh full xp + clitzs

I'm always open for negociation, just pm-me

My Raven for your Octana. it doesn't sound logical now, but you'll see. the price of Raven will soar while Octana's price drops. if u don't wanna give me an octana, convince me with another card for my raven. smiley

Looking for :
Jane Ramba Cr
Emeth Cr

Sorry already sold


j'echange 2x marlysa cr 0xp, estimeès a 1,5M

je vends donc 1x marly 0xp pour 1 500 000 non negociable

et j'echange 1x marly 0xp vs full + 20 000

en VP


Which cards from the bangers total to 160k?

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