wednesday 09/04/2014

36 chiara cr.....

Find thankssmiley

Sold thanks, can be closed smiley


tuesday 08/04/2014

I want to sell 190x Hawkin Noels for around 100k ctz (negotiable) or will trade it for cards . Message me if you are interested.

I have to offer

El Divino
Ongh 0xp
Raeth 0xp
Bragh 0xp

I look for:


I am willing to trade 2x guru cr full xp , both exstimated at 10,5M

the first guru can be exchanged ONLY vs your Dj korr cr (10M) + complement around 500K

the second guru cr can be exchanged ONLY vs a 0xp guru cr + 25 000

We will use private sales, with the help of a moderator if necessary smiley

58 betelgeuse 0xp estimation?

Hello to everybody i sell or trade the following cards

• 70 Angelo (37 full+33 0exp) 5k/t
• 56 Moses (24 0exp+1 semi-evo+31full) 5k/t
• 31 Tremorh (9 0exp+7 semi-evo+15 full) 7k/t
• 8 Lizbeth 0exp 60k/t
• 6 Hemdall 0exp 19k/t

i'm interested to:

• cash ∞
• Manon Cr 1.35m
• Jackie Cr 200k
• Tessa Cr 830k
• Tanaereva Cr 275k
• ...

if you are interested contact me, all is negotiable


monday 07/04/2014

I think wrong forum mate smiley Vente is for a different forum

Sorry but secure trade is not working right now

Estimation of 59 betelgeuse 0xp?

Alright I now have

416 anibal

118 full or mixed

298 0 xp

My price is now 3.8k a piece if you buy them all, or 3.6k full 4k per 0 xp

Total comes too 1.58mil I am willing to accept 1.5mil for the whole lot

I do not wish to sell Sabia anymore.

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