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sunday 20/07/2014

saturday 19/07/2014

40 hemdall 0xp for 5 jackie cr ?

As the title,I offer them 3.5m clintz in total. I prefer a man or woman who can sell them in a one time transaction.Thanks a lot.

Kawamashi Cr for Campbell?

Anybody? smiley

I still search Tessa Cr smiley

All my houtay's are now owned by a different gentleman. Thanks.

friday 18/07/2014

I can now buy Jackie Cr for 185,000

I want to sell my marco cr 0 xp from 53 k clintz , anyone intereested?

Sell Rass Cr 0xp for 860k cash or for Kerozinn Cr+ complement of 200k

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