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sunday 23/08/2015

Up some more reveived

Available for trade still smiley

saturday 22/08/2015

[TRADE] 311 Grace 0xp against spłata cr and Marlysa Cr

I trade my Guru 0xp for Guru Full+ 7.5k

Buying Dounia CR for 228,000k pls. pm me if willing to sell need her asap

160 k worth of huracan for all raptors or equal value of rescue. sell for 160k. 100% ready for deck building, imo has every remotely necessary huracan.

lumber jack
kinichaw cr
la salerosa
el divino

tabasco fire
el mercurio
el matador
fuerza ciega
el gascaro

wonder launa
rey mono
belly buster

miss derbyqueen
derby queen

friday 21/08/2015

I really need Mona so I can add stuff if you want

Any other offers welcome

Looking to trade my Mona for Pericles

pm pls asap

thursday 20/08/2015

Lyse teria cr full trade smiley

You can also put a private sell to me if you interested.

I low down the price now. Romana Full XP at 35.5k Clintz. If you want,PM me.

wednesday 19/08/2015

Still searching smiley

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